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Mad Max: Fury Road Review






Mad Max: Fury Road is out in cinemas and oh boy what a thrill-ride it is! Here are a few references and Easter Eggs you definitely have missed behind all the explosions and a blind flame-throwing guitarist. Obviously there will be major spoilers to the movie. Directed by mastermind George Miller Mad Max stars Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult. Fury Road is a continuation of the Mad Max series and has a contemporary timeline. As claimed by George Miller himself, audiences should consider Mad Max movies not as a consistent story but rather as legends of Max that cover different periods of his life and different adventures.

The latest installment has an insane amount of references and connections to the extended Mad Max universe. The new film is highly influenced by the Road Warrior. Tom Hardy’s Max wears the same one-sleeve jacket like Mel Gibson’s Max, plus he has the same car. Fans were happy to see it until it got trashed almost immediately. The primary antagonist of Fury Road Immortan Joe is played by the same actor as in the 1979 original. War Boys tattoo the words “Road Warrior” On Max’s back.

There were also possible nods to the other movies as Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, as we see Tom Hardy with long hair in the beginning of the movie.

Overall, the movie was a gamble as George Miller hasn’t been directing anything for a couple of decades. Many fans worried that the movie would follow the path of Lucas’s Star Wars or Spielberg’s Indiana Jones. Both are terrific franchises that went downhill after a long break. Although Mad Max was initially supposed to be played by Mel Gibson, the role was passed to Tom Hardy and he absolutely crushed it! His Max is as mad as the world around him. The action sequences will definitely get your pulse pounding. It is also worth mentioning that there wasn’t that much CGI as you’d expect and yet the action was absolutely breathtaking. George Miller has really created an incredibly well thought-out world with vivid characters, impressive machinery and insane stunts. Fury Road holds 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and is arguably the best action movie of the decade.



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