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Keanu Reeves – The Nicest Actor in Hollywood


You have probably heard that Keanu Reeves is one of the nicest movie stars out there. During his career spanning over three decades, he’s starred in quite a few iconic movies like the Matrix, Speed, and John Wick. After all these years, he’s still known as once of the most positive Hollywood stars, and it’s time you know why!



He rides on the subway and offers his seat to others
Just that fact that Keanu uses the subway deserves a big clap and a half. At his net worth he can afford any car he wants, but riding underground seems like the most humble thing a celebrity can do. In addition to that, he’s been known to offer his seat to other people. Like, who does that? I’ll tell you who, a decent freaking human being!








Keanu’s cancer foundation
Reeves’ baby sister Kim has had a nasty leukemia since 1991, and he came to visit her in the hospital whenever her condition was betting worse. Some sources say he spent over 5 mil dollars by the time Kim went into remission in 1999. He saw how bad things for people with cancer and decided to donate 70% of everything he earned on Matrix to cancer research. On top of that he refused to give that charity foundation his own name and went with his sister Kim’s name instead. He just doesn’t care about being famous.





Keanu cares very little about the money
As you might’ve guessed by now, Reeves is a very down-to-earth guy and he doesn’t care about the money. Best example of that, aside from spending millions of dollars on fighting cancer, is using his fat wallet to ensure the movies he’s in will actually finish shooting. When filming “The Devil’s Advocate”, Keanu took a whopping 90% pay cut just to get Gene Hackman on board. And what about that time he basically gave away millions of dollars to make sure the makeup and SFX people were able to continue working on the second and third Matrix movies? He gave away $20,000 to a dude who built Matrix sets, because his family really needed it. He picked up a hitch-hiker and made a 50-mile hook just to help her get where she needed.
For Christmas, he bought the crew members who worked on the SFT in Matrix a Harley. EACH! Why? Because he’s basically like Jesus, only real!