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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom in Quarantine


We’re always curious what high profile celebrities are doing and how they fill their days and how they manage to keep their relationships going with such busy and crazy schedules. What’s even more interesting is to see how they’re dealing with the quarantine.

A very famous and high profile couple that we’ve all been following recently is Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. Musicians tour a lot of the year and actors often spend months filming in remote locations so it may seem like they’re rarely home together, but since they’re both stuck in quarantine it’s fascinating to see how they cope.

What adds even more suspense to this situation is that Katy Perry and Orlando bloom are engaged and were planning to have a wedding soon and Katy is very pregnant at the moment. You’d expect a lot of tension considering the mix of pregnancy hormones, postponed wedding plans and a worldwide pandemic. But it looks like this couple has found a way around it.

Katy Perry has shared in recent interviews that instead of being at each other’s throats all the time they instead choose to give each other some space. Orlando is being very sensitive to the fact that Katy is pregnant and hormones can rule her moods all the time and they’re both aware that being pregnant during a pandemic adds even more stress to their life.

So they each try to keep busy and not let out their frustrations with the situation at each other because it’s no-one’s fault. Katy has admitted that she has been pretty weird at times and that she feels like she’s tested Orlando quite a lot and she’s amazed that he’s still around and still wants to be with her.

One of the things Orlando bloom does to give Katy some space is cycling. Apparently he does a couple of hours of cycling every day, which we assume keeps him in shape and also helps him clear his head a little. Plus, everyone feels better after a good workout. Another hobby that he does is assembling complicated LEGO sets. According to Katy Perry he can spend hours playing with legos in a room on his own. They’ve actually designated a room in their house to LEGO and Orlando can stay there for like 5 hours and every time he comes out he has assembled a new cool and impressive LEGO. He specifically picks very complicated ones and then the look of triumph on his face when he’s done it is absolutely adorable.

Katy says Oralndo even displays the LEGO’s he’s most proud of on the wall. It’s his champion LEGO wall. In fact Orlando’s new obsession with LEGO has made him consider building other things like some shelves or maybe cars. He actually wants to buy some parts and try to assemble his own car in the garage. We can only hope that it actually works out for him and once this is all over we get to see him do an interview about how he made his own car.

All in all it looks like Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry have figured out their relationship issues a long time ago and have a strategy for coping with anything life throws at them. They are just living this blissful life, only slightly marred by the worldwide pandemic. We can’t wait to congratulate them on the birth of their child this summer and can only hope that by then this feeling of impending doom will vanish and we’ll be able to get back to our normal or relatively normal lives.