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John Connor from “Terminator 2” Is Unrecognizable After Replacing His Rotted Teeth


Edward Furlong, who once played John Connor in Terminator 2, managed to flush his life and career down the drain quite fast after becoming a star. His story of substance and alcohol abuse has become a cautionary tale for many people, especially younger actors. But that was in the past. Now Furlong is trying to regain control over his life: he stopped doing drugs, replaced the rotten teeth with brand new white ones, and started dating his former passion again.

The paparazzi recently spotted Edward taking a chill stroll down one of the streets of Los Angeles with none other than his ex-girlfriend, Monica Keena. “What’s so strange about that?” you ask. Not many people remember that about ten years ago, Monica sued Edward and even got a restraining order. Well, times have obviously changed, and now these two seem to be back together.

Speaking of change, although Edward looks nothing like his younger self, he still looks better now than he did not so long ago. About a year ago, he had all of his bad teeth that rotted away by years of meth use replaced, and now he proudly shows them off with a big Hollywod-style smile.

Edward was only 13 years old when a talent agent found him literally on the street and invited him to star in the 1991 blockbuster Terminator 2: Judgment Day alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton. Unfortunately, he did not do a good job managing the sudden popularity and big money: he became addicted to alcohol and illegal substances, his career was in the gutter, and he himself gradually sank to the bottom. Furlong became heavily addicted to methamphetamine and heroin, which led to numerous arrests. Since 2000, he has been the most frequent client of rehabilitation centers, but none of the treatments helped. In April 2001, 23-year-old Furlong was hospitalized after he OD’d, which did not stop him either.

As for his personal life, Edward Furlong got married to actress Rachael Bella in 2006, and things went south fast three years later when he received a restraining order from his wife and son. This was after he punched her in the face in a drug-induced rage, so yeah, it checks out. His next romance was with the aforementioned Monica Keena, a not-so-famous TV actress. Their relationship was also short-lived, as he was arrested several times for abusing her. It all ended in 2013 with another restraining order.

In general, things got worse, so much so that even Furlong’s drug-addicted brain realized that it was time to flip the script. After that wake-up call, the actor has taken his second chance at life seriously, has not used any dry drugs since then, and is gradually recovering. He even got a role in a horror movie, Forest Hills, which was a fantastic opportunity to remind himself what it’s like to work on the set with sober people. And to make his transformation hit even harder, he got rid of his old meth-ridden teeth and bought himself a brand-new set of pearly whites.

In his Instagram, Edward said that it’s nice to be back working on a film set and being sober. It felt unusual for him not to have a wild hangover either. The man is never going back to the grimy bottom that he barely crawled out of, and hopefully, we’ll get to see more of him in front of behind the camera, especially with that gorgeous smile.