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Famous People That Hide Their Faces From The Public


Being famous means you don’t get to keep much of yourself private. Every move you make will be documented, published and critized by people that don’t know you at all. Some people in the spotlight have found a way around that by hiding their face from the public.


Let’s take a look at some artists that hide their faces from the public.



The mouse-like DJ is known all around the world – mostly for wearing a mouse head on top of his own head. Deadmau5 is from Canada, which means he’s a nice guy, and his real name is Joel Zimmerman.



The former Guns ‘n Roses lead guitarist has never shown his face in public and is mostly known for his white mask and typical KFC bucket on top of his head. His real name is Brian Carrol, which is literally everything we know about his real life. No one has seen him without his mask on.

He’s a DJ and he dresses like a marshmallow. Artist names don’t really always have to be that original, do they? Nothing like some good old simplicity. Despite Marshmello’s own fake reveals about his identity, it’s pretty much certain who he really is. Marshmallo is known as Christopher Comstock, who is also known as DJ Dotcom.

Daft Punk
While we all know Daft Punk with their typical futuristic helmets on, they actually performed without the helmets in their early careers. While it’s pretty easy to find old pictures of their faces, the most recent ones were taken only back in 2014 because Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter always come to shows in their full outfits.



Mike Candys
Mike Candys – real name Michael Kull – is a Swiss music producer. He wears an emoji helmet on live shows, because it helps him entertain his audience.

This well-known metal band has been wearing masks since their very first album. They give the band members new masks with every new album, but honestly finding pictures of them without masks depends on which band member you want to see. Lead vocalist Corey Taylor and lead guitarist Jim Root also play in Stone Sour – with no masks on. Most other band members, Mick Thomson especially, don’t take their masks off in public very quickly.

The only non-musician in this list, Banksy’s real identity remains hidden until today. It’s currently believed that Banksy is Robin Gunningham, and it looks like this might be the artist’s real identity since he was caught filming the shredding prank that was all over the news.

Finally yet importantly – a British animated band Gorillaz. Their invented universe is explored through animated music videos. In reality, Damon Albarn is the only permanent member of the band.