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Daughters That Look Just Like Their Celebrity Mothers


Mothers have an irreplaceable role in our lives. They love you, feed you, care for you and always stand by you through the hard times. The connection you can have with your mother is something that can carry you an entire lifetime.

The connection between mother and daughter is even more special (because, you know, they have the same biological gender), and you can actually see what resembles cloning when you take genetics into account. Here’s a few celebrity moms with their daughters who look like someone just pressed “ctrl + c, ctrl + v” in the womb.

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

Suri looks just like her mother and has the same characteristic features. Apart from her last name, you could hardly tell that Tom Cruise is her father, she really looks like a copy of Katie.

Uma Thurman and Maya Hawke

Another one of those unique beauties in Hollywood. Well, unique until Maya grew up to look like her. I think Uma won’t be too sad about that, though.

Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber

Being the daughter of a supermodel seems hard, but then there’s Kaia Gerber who also looks like a supermodel. That’s just mean to everyone with inferior genetics.

Vanessa Paradis And Lily-Rose Depp

There was a time when people thought there’d never be a beauty more natural and unique than Vanessa Paradis, but then they added some Johnny Depp to the genetic pool.

Meryl Streep and Mamie Gummer and Louisa Gummer

These could honestly just be pictures of Meryl Streep taken at different times and then photoshopped back together.

Reese Witherspoon and Ava Philippe

Reese Witherspoon has all the defining features to make her stand out from a crowd in a good way, but you couldn’t tell her apart from her daughter to save your life.

Monica Bellucci and Deva Cassel

Oh, those Italian genes!

Lisa Bonet And Zoe Kravitz

Just look at these two gorgeous women.