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Biggest Superhero Names We Lost in Movies and Comics in 2018


Have you noticed how many superheroes died in this year’s comic book movies alone? Probably like half of the Avengers Infinity War characters turned to dust, Deadpool’s X-Force was super unlucky, and that’s just the movies. Imagine what’s going on in the comics! Both DC and Marvel decided to end some of their characters, and we can’t help but to feel sad and disappointed. But hey, it’s comic books, I’m sure eventually everyone will come back from the grave.


Let’s have a moment of silence and go through some of the biggest superhero names we lost in 2018.



Infinity War Deaths
Black Panther, Loki, Spider-Man, Heimdal, Vision, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Bucky, Groot, Doctor Strange, Star-Lord, Mantis, Maria Hill, Drax, Nick Fury, Hank Pym, Jannet Van Dyne, Hope Van Dyne… hope I didn’t miss anyone. We all saw the movies, we all cried at Spider-Man’s “I don’t feel so good”, no need to bring those memories up again. But I will say that I strongly believe none of these deaths will be permanent.



Mighty Thor #705 – The Mighty Thor and Mjolnir
Back in 2014 Marvel introduced a new Thor – Jane Foster, the old Thor’s ex-GF. Jane had a cancer and apparently, every time she used Thor’s power she’d essentially go back to square one in her cancer treatment. You can see where this is going. There was this big baddie called Mangog, who wanted to kill all Asgardian gods, and to stop him, the Mighty Thor aka Jane (it’s gonna get confusing) chained the villain to her Mjolnir and hurled them both into the Sun. No Mjolnir means no Mighty Thor, so Jane went back to her normal self and nearly died. Thankfully, after being destroyed, Mjolnir released the Mother of All Storms, which Odin and the Odinson (the original Thor) channeled into Foster and brought her back to life.

Extermination #1 – Cable
You’ll never believe this but Cable was brutally murdered by… his own younger self. What? I know! Time travel stuff is always weird, but we’ll see where this adventure leads us. The young Cable not only killed his old version, he also kidnapped Iceman and, apparently, the original five X-Men, that were brought to the present by Beast in 2012’s All-New X-Men. What’s going on? We have no idea, but I like it!

Doctor Strange: Damnation #3 – Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze
During the Damnation mini-event, where Mephisto was basically trying to turn Earth into Hell, Ghost Rider, Wong, and Doctor Strange were doing their best to prevent that from happening. At a certain moment of the story Ghost rider went face to face with Mephisto, only to be killed in an instant. Mephisto snuffed out Johnny’s flames and kicked him off his hellish-looking spire. Now the twist is that was their plan all along and Johnny Blaze needed to go to literal Hell to start a revolution there, while the Big Bad was on Earth.



Amazing Spider-Man #800 – Anti-Venom, Flash Thompson
Nothing good will come out of angering the Red Goblin (Green Goblin/Carnage) and Flash Thompson had to learn it the hard way. After using his Anti-Venom abilities to disarm Red Gobby’s trap for Spider-Man’s friends and family, Flash Thompson was fatally wounded.

Injustice 2 #64 – Sinestro
It must really suck to get killed by your own daughter. That’s exactly what happened to Sinestro during Atrocitus’ assault on Oa. The Red Lanterns used Starro-spores to mind-control the Green Lanterns, one of whom was Sinestro’s daughter Soranik. She pierced her father with a green spear, but he got close enough to rip the Starro off her face. As Sinestro bled to death, his ring flew off his finger and landed in Soranik’s palm.

Death of The Inhumans #1 – Lockjaw, Maximus
What do you do against Vox, a faceless super-Inhuman, who has the abilities of every single Inhuman there ever was? Maximus shot him with a badass rifle… only to realize it had zero effect on the dude. Then Lockjaw comes in, bites his butt and hurls the villain aside. Vox just gets up and uses Black Bolt’s power to blow both Maximus and the teleporting doggo to smithereens.

Detective Comics #973 – Clayface
Clayface used to be a villain, but recently he switched to the good side and became a Gotham Knight. Then again after his death the Knights are no more. At one point something happened to Clayface and he went nuts, started destroying the city and all that. His fellow Knights tried to knock him out but Batwoman shot him straight through the head with a special gun that was only supposed to incapacitate the big Clayface. Let’s just say Batman was not amused to hear about this.