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Best Horror Movies And Shows On Netflix


Netflix (and streaming services in general) are growing more and more popular all around the world. It’s hard for young people to imagine a world without streaming services, where the older generation don’t quite understand what all the fuss is about. As the service grows more and more popular and the library of movies and TV shows keeps increasing, it can become somewhat difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Let’s take a look at some great horror movies and shows on Netflix. Because who needs to sleep at night anyway?



American Horror Story
This series has been going on for quite a while, hardly ever losing its top tier quality. If you haven’t watched this, you should probably start now and stop reading this article until you’ve seen at least a full season of it. I’m not kidding.



The Haunting of Hill House
A relatively new series, the reviews for it were amazing – and rightfully so. While the ending might not have been the best ending we’ve seen for the first season, the build-up was amazing and the second season was recently confirmed.

Stranger Things
I’m not sure if there’s much more that needs to be said about this series. If you’ve heard of Netflix and you’re semi interested in horror, you’ll know what this show is all about. If you don’t, you still need to watch it. It’s very 80’s in theme and style, so what’s not to love about it?

The Ritual
Imagine going on an adventurous trip through the woods with your friends and getting lost. And as if that’s not bad enough, you end up near a satanic cult just as they’re about to do their next summoning of reverse-Jesus. That’s pretty much what this movie is.



Bird Box
A very popular movie with always amazing Sandra Bullock. The world gets invaded by a bunch of creatures that make you want to kill yourself if you look at them, and they’re somehow invisible. Talk about an easy save on the CGI budget!

This show based on the 90’s slasher movie trilogy does many things right that other horror shows do wrong. It keeps you guessing who is the killer, and it does really manage to remind us of the movies that it’s based upon – which is a good thing.

Ash vs Evil Dead
If you’ve ever seen the Evil Dead movies, you know that nothing beats a boomstick with a chainsaw arm combo. Ash is back, this time in a TV series format, to prove that this rule still applies.



Penny Dreadful
Sadly this show ended very soon, after only 3 seasons, but it’s the perfect show for people that are more into supernatural horror. It’s got witches, werewolves, rich white people, Frankenstein and a very, very good story.

This movie about a deaf girl that gets stalked by a man outside her house is honestly one of the most terrifying things I’ve seen in the last few years. The build-up on this is very nice and the suspense is very real.