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Best and Worst Twitter Reactions to J. Lo and Shakira’s Super Bowl Halftime Show


Every Super Bowl there’s at least one celebrity or performance that sparks controversy. In 2020, the entire halftime show was either nasty or fantastic, depending on who you’re asking.

This year there were over 62k spectators at the stadium, watching the Forty-Niners rip Chiefs a new one. What a game! But let’s focus on that halftime show. More than the match itself, the audience was waiting to see the headliners – Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

At first glance, everything went smoothly: Shakira rocked a gorgeous sparkling outfit. While performing the fan-favorite Hips Don’t Lie for the finale, Shakira showed the viewers all her artistic talents: singing in different languages, playing several musical instruments, and even doing a belly dance. Fun fact, it was Shakira’s 43rd birthday that night. Let me reiterate that: Shakira is forty-three now! Gods bless her fitness routine.

Right after the She-Wolf, it was time for Jennifer Lopez to shine! She appeared on stage wearing sexy leather outfit and singing “Jenny From The Block ”.

Many people afterward have stated that it was an inappropriate performance. But was it really? Or was she just doing her job the best way she could? I’m not the one to say, but Twitter sure has a lot of opinions on that issue.

So let’s ask Twitter!

Here’s an opinion. A negative one, but still an opinion.

Another negative attitude to JLo’s performance…

Here’s some positive thinking.

These two can shake their tail feathers like it’s nobody’s business.

Did you notice that Shakira’s outfit resemble the Gazelle’s dress from Zootopia?

And, of course, people are making fresh memes. Very relatable memes, I must admit.

Hey, that’s my face every morning!

What’s your take on J. Lo and Shakira’s Super Bowl Halftime Show? Let us know in the comments.