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Benedict Cumberbatch: 4 Amazing Performances & 4 That Sucked


It’s not a secret that Benedict Cumberbatch is among the most intriguing modern day actors. He’s been involved in so many versatile movies that it’s sometimes hard to tell whether he’s just good or bloody brilliant. His characters are often strange (or Strange, if you like), but he depicts each and every one of them with great passion, always adding some quirky interesting details that make them truly unforgettable. But does he always choose the best roles? Far from it! Benedict Cumberbatch is also prone to questionable movie choices. Here are some of his most unforgettable roles, both good and not-so-good.



The Hollow Crown (Richard III)
Cumberbatch is brilliant as a theatrical performer – his performance in Frankenstein is truly exceptional, both as a master and as a beast. With Richard III Benedict Cumberbatch offers us an equally amazing theatrical performance, showing off his prowess as an actor who can do justice to the Bard and his legendary work. The character portrayed by Cumberbatch is complex – a man and a monster, yet this time in the same body.

The Hobbit (Smaug)
There are two kinds of people – who love Cumberbatch’s Smaug and those who downright hate him. The Smaug (or Cumberbatch for that matter) isn’t the problem, it’s the under-directed performance that irritates most people. Some fans believe that the dragon’s character wasn’t thought through well enough and lacks depth and creativity. Some even say that there’s not enough Cumberbatch in Smaug and that all his acting was done in vain.

The Imitation Game (Alan Turing)
Some people may accuse this movie of Oscar-baiting, but it’s still an amazing work of art that celebrates the life, work and genius of Alan Turing, as well as his tragedy and numerous shortcomings. The narrative is simple and straightforward, yet it leaves a lot of details out, letting the imagination of the audience figure out the rest. Cumberbatch performs in a subtle, slightly otherworldly way that he can do so well, but is still sympathetic and lovable.

The Fifth Estate (Julian Assange)
This movie really didn’t go well with the critics and it’s quite understandable why. The Wikileaks story might have been a blast back in the day, but poor directing and cliché characters make the movie pretty unwatchable to say the least. Even Cumberbatch’s performance, which was okay, didn’t do any good. The movie was a flop and we’ll have to leave it at that.

Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange)
The Marvel Comics Universe was lucky to get Cumberbatch for the role of cheeky Doctor Strange. Character development here somewhat resembles that of Stark and his Ironman persona. We get to see Doctor Strange, a playboy with a love for cars and all kinds of riches, slowly turn into something more, while remaining as charming as ever. In the end of his transformation Strange turns into one of the most compelling characters in the Marvel Comics Universe!

Third Star (James)
Cumberbatch was still a rising star back in 2010 and he obviously didn’t always have the best options of movies to take part in. The plot, as well as the characters, aren’t burned into your memory. Cumberbatch portrays James, which is not a likable character at all, although the drama of his life is something that might make your heart tremble a bit. All in all the movie is too forgettable to be a good match for Benedict Cumberbatch and his talent.
Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes)
Cumberbatch works so well with odd characters that it almost seems strange. But the weirder, the better! His quirkiness only adds to the character, making him more human, when the rest of Sherlock Holmes is depicted with almost medical precision. There are layers upon layers upon layers within the character that is Sherlock, yet his overwhelming complexity is intricately combined with charm and empathy, which make him so lovable despite everything.

Zoolanders 2 (All)
Why would someone appear in a movie like this? Cameos here were designated to cover the fact that the film is among the most horrible things you could ever watch. Bottom line here is that Cumberbatch’s cameo is a waste of his precious time. His character is an offensive androgynous chap and a pointless addition to the highly underwhelming plot. Although, we must agree that his performance perfectly suits the atmosphere, but that’s more of a bad thing. Definitely not the best movie choice.