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Ben Affleck Is Quarantining With Ana de Armas


While some of us are trapped at home and can’t wait for this pandemic to be over, it seems like Ben Affleck is really enjoying his quarantine time. He’s been seen vacationing with his co-star Ana de Armas weeks before the pandemic hit. They worked together on a movie called Deep Water where they played a married couple and it seems like the chemistry on set must’ve been real. They’ve been seen making eyes at each other throughout the shoot, they’ve been seen holding hands and hugging in public and paparazzi have even caught some serious PDA of them kissing. And while the couple didn’t rush about publicly speaking about their relationship, they are being very affectionate now and actions speak louder than words.

The two have chosen to quarantine together and have been seen spending lots of time in each other’s company. They go on lot’s of quarantine walks with their dogs and Ana has been seen spending a lot of time at Ben’s house. She hasn’t actually moved in with him, and she still goes back and forth between her own house and Ben’s but she’s definitely spending more time at Ben’s. It seems like they’re always very happy together, with huge smiles on their faces and being adorable with each other. Here are some photos of the couple enjoying their time together.

1. Here’s Ben and Ana on their vacation. The first photo was taken by paparazzi and as you can see Ben had a camera of his own and he was taking photos of Ana on their walk on the beach. The photo on the right is the one Ben took of Ana and she posted it on her Instagram and captioned it with a sparkle and heart emojis. We can only assume that means she has a magical time.

2. They really look that happy and in love most of the time. And clearly, they don’t care who sees it. They’re just enjoying being in love and you know, who would want to hide that?

3. Another cute little walk outside together. And some hugs and smooches are a must when you adore each other as much as Ben and Ana.

4. These two love taking their dogs on a walk together. And we love the stark difference when it comes to their dogs. Ben has a big black, clearly older dog while Ana’s puppy is white and small and super cute. Perhaps it’s true what they say that dogs often resemble their owners.

5. Here’s the couple enjoying yet another dog walk together. We love their casual style, that jeans and boots combo looks hella cute on Ana. And Ben always looks good when he’s out with her, gotta put in the effort to look cute for his girlfriend.

6. This was Ben and Anna’s Easter walk, they both dressed up a bit more than usual for this one. We love Ana’s white overalls, they look stylish as hell yet practical and comfy at the same time. Ben went for a grey and navy look and we think he looks stunning.

7. They look so cute on their quarantine walk, dressed in matching checkered print. Do they even know they’re doing it? Is it legal to be that adorable?

8. Even their masks match, can you believe it? And also, even with their masks on Ben can’t help but give Ana a loving kiss on the forehead. How cute is that?

9. They’re waiting in line for their take out on this photo and even as they wait and scroll on their phone they still look so freaking happy together.