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Angelina Jolie’s Jaw-Dropping Net Worth Exposed


When A-list celebrities come to mind, Angelina Jolie is at the top of that list, whether you like her or not. In the 1990s, she came on our screens with a bad girl reputation — especially after Girl, Interrupted and Gia came out. But, besides the eccentric characters she played on-screen, Jolie became a memorable staple in Hollywood after wearing blood vials around town and having her fair share of controversial relationships — some of which revealed her being into knife play.

In the years after, she would keep re-appearing on our screens, showing off her stellar acting skills in Changeling, The Tourist, the Lara Croft series and more. Through much of her career, she’s been known as one of the highest-paid female actresses in Hollywood. In the mid-2000s, Jolie started her career in directing, using her power to shine a light on the world’s more serious issues.

This humanitarian journey for her continued with her wood as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. She put a focus on kids living in countries affected by war, and at the same time, put a focus on her own six kids. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she helped feed children around the world by donating $1 million to the No Kid Hungry organization. 

While it’s obvious that Jolie is one of the industry’s top earners, most people aren’t aware of how huge her net worth actually is. It’s estimated at $120 million, and she earns a staggering yearly salary of approximately $20 million. She earned this same amount for each of her Lara Croft movies, and $10 million each for The Good Shepherd and A Mighty Heart. Between 2019 and 2020, she collected a comfortable $35 million. 

While her pay-checks generally range from $10-20 million per film, it was her commanding performance (and epic cheekbone prosthetics) in Maleficent that earned Angelina her biggest pay-check of all time. Just how much, you ask? $33 million. The film made a global gross of $490 million, and while it left a bad taste in some critics’ mouths, Angelina was laughing all the way to the bank after finishing that job. 

In her upcoming casting in Marvel film Eternals, she earned a shocking eight-figure pay-check. Additionally, her voice actor work for films like Shark Tale and Kung-Fu Panda are a big part of her success as we know it today. 

No wonder her home, as of 2017, was a nearly $25 million house in Los Angeles spanning two acres and featuring a pool, insane ocean views, 10 bathrooms, and six bedrooms. That might be the house of our wildest dreams, but for Angie, it’s just a pay-check or two. 

Thanks to this epic net worth and her impressive checks that keep coming in, she’s had the luxury of owning properties all over the globe. Back in 2007, Jolie and then-husband Brad Pitt traveled to New Orleans, buying a gorgeous French Quarter mansion for $3.5 million.

In 2011, the couple upped their budget significantly, buying a $67 million estate in Correns, France, with 35 rooms.  Unlike the humble two-acre abode in New Orleans, this property spanned 1,200 acres. An award-winning vineyard, a moat, and a private lake were all perks of living in this French mansion. 

When it comes to Angelina Jolie’s net worth, many people bring up Jennifer Aniston, since the two have famously been feuding for years. After all, Angie did steal Brad from the Friends star in broad daylight, while they were filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Many will be shocked to know that Aniston actually has a higher net worth ($240 million) which makes sense, since she works so consistently. 

But what do you do besides buying mansions when you have that much money? Some of the things she spends her riches on include: a super yacht that cost over $300 million and has unique technology that doesn’t allow digital cameras to take photos. She also loves flying and earned her pilot license back in 2004, and is the proud owner of a private jet and helicopter. And of course, you can’t forget about child care when you have six kids. At one point, Angie reportedly spent up to $900,000 a year on nannies alone.

Sometimes it feels shocking to think that the glamorous, red-carpet strutting multi-millionaire that we know today was once a woman that wore black rubber pants and white tee on which she wrote her groom’s name in her own blood. Either way, Angie’s journey over the past few decades has been a wild ride, and we’re sure that the journey is far from done.