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Amanda Bynes’ Transformation Over the Years: See How Much She’s Changed!


Amanda Bynes hasn’t exactly been keeping a low profile in the last few decades. She started off as everyone’s sweetheart when she worked for Nickelodeon, only to go through some very openly documented breakdowns. Let’s take a look how she changed throughout her career and life, and see where she’s at today.

Nickelodeon Period

Up to about 2010, Amanda had pretty much everything going for her. She looked gorgeous, got some amazing parts in movies, and it seemed like her career was going places. Her real jumpstart was her roles in Nickelodeon shows. She started acting at the young age of 7 so there had never been any doubt that this was the path her life was going to take. Acting was all she knew and all she’d ever done.

Big Successes

After making a name for herself in showbiz, she started doing some acting in movies. The real start of her career began when she starred in She’s The Man when she was 20 years old. She kept raking in the big roles up until Easy A together with Emma Stone, which was probably Amanda’s biggest commercial and critical success to date. Whilst filming Hall Pass in 2010, the then-gorgeous Amanda dropped out of the project and announced a hiatus from the job she’d been doing for no less than 17 years at that point.

Downfall of an Idol

It became obvious very soon why Amanda took a hiatus from acting. She rolled from one scandal into the next – with the infamous mugshot being just one of them – and honestly looked nothing like the girl she was when she was on top of the world. The DUI mugshot would start a period of Amanda making headlines for drug possession, starting fires, being hospitalized in a mental institution, and loads of other abuse and mental issue-related problems. She even accused her father of abusing her, later claiming those statements weren’t true but the microchip in her head force her to say those things.

Physical Transformation

Since the mid 2010’s, Amanda has been allegedly keeping sober. She’s gone through some weird physical transformations in this period (and also somehow a phase where she gained a lot of weight).

But her most recent transformations could probably best be described as weird and goth-y. She has some very noticeable tattoos on her face, along with black dyed hair. And while it’s good to see Amanda trying to get back to normal, looking at the difference between Amanda now and 15 years ago makes me doubt we’ll ever see her act again.