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9 Supporting Characters That Deserve Their Own Movies


Usually, the plot of a movie focuses on the protagonist’s story, but sometimes there are situations when the supporting characters turn out to be so much more relatable and fun to watch that they inevitably steal the show.

Here are 9 characters that deserve their own movies or at least a TV show.

1. Sebastian

This crab is the main advisor and personal assistant to King Triton and, throughout the story, tries to help Ariel with her wacky adventures. His solo movie could take place during the time when Queen Athena, Ariel’s mother, was still alive.

2. Mia Wallace

Stylish, graceful, and dangerous — no one could take their eyes off Mia. It’s because of these qualities that many viewers were upset when her story ended, and a new chapter began.

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3. Bender

The beauty of Bender is that at any given time, you can expect anything from him. He could be mugging people, having a robo-orgy, or just hanging out and getting drunk with the crew. It all depends on what mood Bender is in today. The unpredictable, immoral robot with a shiny metal bottom turned out to be a more emotionally complex and intriguing character than most humans made of flesh and blood.

4. Ruby Rhod

Chris Tucker’s character, a vivacious TV presenter with a squeaky voice, has become the hallmark of the Fifth Element. By the way, according to the director, the character was written for the famous musician Prince. But it did not quite work out, and Chris Tucker was offered to sub.

5. Olaf

Olaf has to be the most cheerful and cute character throughout the Frozen franchise. Despite being a derpy snowman, he really loves warm hugs and funny jokes. Not to mention that kids love him!

6. Rocket Raccoon and Groot

The MCU has countless supporting characters that deserve a movie or, in the case of Wanda, Vision, Bucky, Falcon, Loki, and more — a TV series, at least. Rocket and Groot have so much comedy potential it would be a sin not to make something out of their weird duo.

7. Domino

Have you ever wondered what it would be like growing up as someone capable of bringing yourself incredible luck? Think of all the possibilities! And if you add Deadpool, the show will become an instant hit.

8. Boba Fett

Boba is probably the OG supporting character who outshined even the Skywalkers. He was supposed to be on screen for only a few minutes and then be devoured by the Sarlacc monster. But the viewers absolutely loved the heck out the ruthless mercenary, and that’s how he became a legend with his own books, comics, games, a future show, and even a spinoff — the Mandalorian.

9. Barney Stinson

Barney loves making inappropriate jokes, take up impossible challenges, and voice dubious quotes from the Bro Code. And that’s why we love him.