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9 Most Vicious Fan-Favorite Anime Vampires


If you think anime vampires sparkle like perfectly groomed cat’s balls, you’d be dead wrong. They hunt in the night, waiting, watching for that perfect moment to attack their prey – a defenseless human being (most of the time). Then boom! Bang! They dig their ferocious fangs into a soft neck to suck all the blood from the victim, and start the cycle of death once again. The following vampires are all vicious killers searching for forgiveness, glory, revenge… or just some fresh blood.



Moka Akashiya from “Rosario + Vampire”
Maybe Moka is more of a sexy vampire, than she is scary, but when her rosary comes off she can kick some serious ass. Still, her viciousness level is way low, that’s why she’s last on this list.



Aleister Crowley III from D. Gray Man
Aleister Crowley has a dark secret – one moment he is a lovable fella, the next, he is in full-on battle mode, ripping off heads like they’re made of paper. And the reason for these weird “mood swings” is the innocence inside him that manifests in his vampire fangs. At least that’s the official version. This berserk mode gives him great strength and speed as well as the ability to drink Akuma blood.

Shinobu Oshino from Bakemonogatari
Don’t get fooled by her cute looks. Shinobu Oshino appears as an eight-year-old, but she’s actually a 500-year-old vampire. She does not require blood to survive anymore, but she does gain a significant power boost when drinking Araragi. In the current timeline, she’s not very threatening, but in a brief glimpse into an alternate timeline, where Koyomi was killed, we can see Shinobu as a totally off the hook berserk beast.

Saya Otonashi from Blood+
Saya is the last, or at least one of the last original vampires. She doesn’t have to watch for the UV rays, and is pretty freaking indestructible. She uses her immense skills to hunt down the chiropterans – the ugly vampires. What she does to them with her katana is truly a sight to behold.



Seras Victoria from Hellsing Ultimate
After becoming a police officer, Seras Victoria gets into an uneven fight with vampires. After actually dying, she is brought back by Alucard (that’s Dracula written backwards, if you didn’t know), but has a problem with drinking human blood so she can become a full-fledged vamp. That still gave her pretty sweet powers, though. She can easily rip your fingers off with her teeth.

D from Vampire Hunter D
D stands for Dhampir – a child of a vampire and a human. This combination makes him the perfect candidate to hunt vampires, werewolves and other monsters. D prefers good old weapons to using his teeth, but if he has to… well, let’s just say, don’t stand in his way. And if you’re a vampire – oooh, it sucks to be you!

Dio Brando from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Honestly, the whole Joestar family (even the adopted Dio Brando) is all kinds of f-d up. Dio in particular after a few years of mind-boggling misadventures, activates an ancient Mayan relic and becomes an unstoppable vampire. Oh, and he’s also not all there, if you know what I mean, so insanity combined with supernatural abilities will give you a perfect recipe for disaster.



Blade (animated)
Another Dhampir on our list – Eric Brooks. Best known as Blade, a daywalker who hunts vampires. He has all the perks of being a vamp, but is resistant to the sunlight and silver. This other vampire named Deacon Frost, turned Blade’s mom when she was still pregnant with Eric. Everyone loves a good origin story, and this is actually a great one! You’ve seen the movies, you’ve read the comics – Blade slays those evil vampires left and right with all sorts of garlic-filled gadgets, silver blades, and whatever else can kill ‘em.

Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate
Yes, it’s the same guy that resurrected Seras – Alucard, the King of Vampires. Who else to sit at the top of this list, than the actual King of Vampires, right? He’s the strongest, most vicious of them all. And yeah, he does have a soft spot for Integra and Seras, but he still enjoys torturing his enemies. Because why would anyone straight out kill a man, when you can maim and mutilate them until they’re literally asking you to kill them? Crazy, twisted, and incredibly powerful, Alucard is easily the most vicious vampire in anime.