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9 Hollywood Stars Who Lost an Incredible Amount of Weight


Being chunky in Hollywood can spell out the end of one’s career. Stars who give in to their bad habits will have a bunch of paparazzi on their tail 24/7. And so, it is not surprising that Hollywood loves stories of “miraculous transformations.” Some celebs shed tens of pounds, trying to recapture their former glory, and others lose (or sometimes gain) weight for a specific role in the movie.

Let’s take a look at these 9 Hollywood stars who lost an incredible amount of weight!

1. Jessica Simpson

After giving birth to a daughter, Jessica Simpson gained a lot of extra mom weight. But she knew she had to get back in shape fast, so six long months later, she lost 100 lbs! Here’s her secret: 12,000 steps every day, sleep a lot, balanced nutrition, and intensive workout 3-4 times a week. Anyone can do that!

2. Seth Rogen

Funny big man, Seth Rogen, is an excellent example of how fame can change people for the better. After becoming famous, Seth started working out with a personal trainer, and in about nine months, lost about 30 lbs.

3. Kelly Osbourne

As Kelly herself admitted more than once, her main problem was stress eating. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? However, after becoming a member of the popular TV show “Dancing with the Stars,” she finally overcame this bad habit, and lost over 50 lbs!

4. Joaquin Phoenix

Before filming the Joker, Phoenix lost 52 pounds. According to some sources, his diet consisted of an apple a day, and nothing more. But the actor denied these rumors, saying that he also had salads and steamed vegetables.

5. Britney Spears

A low-carb protein diet helped Britney lose 44 lbs. Her daily menu included lean meat, fish, eggs, rice, vegetables, and some fruits. As it turns out, small portions make all the difference! Of course, the diet alone will only get you so far. Britney started doing her daily workout and hired a personal trainer.

6. Chris Pratt

As you probably know, Chris Pratt used to be a big lovable man before he got the role of Starlord. He actually lost 60 lbs before the Guardians of the Galaxy started filming. And that’s just in six months. He gave up alcohol, drank gallons of water, and did a lot of running, swimming, and boxing under his personal coach.

7. Kevin Smith

In February 2018, the legendary actor and director, Kevin Smith, suffered a severe heart attack. Leaving the hospital, Smith got down to business and lost 25 lbs in six months. Then another 15. This is the first time he weighed less than 200 pounds in years! One year after the heart attack, Kevin Smith shed a total of 90 lbs. What a legend!

8. Adele

The singer had a strict diet and training regiment by which she had to abide at all costs. First of all, the personal trainer demanded that Adele reduced her calorie intake. Her training was a mix of Pilates and core-strengthening exercises. After a few months, she dropped almost 100 lbs.

9. Zach Galifianakis

Hey, it’s the bearded chubster from the “Hangover” movies! Or at least he was a chubster. Now, he’s practically changed beyond recognition. Since Zach rarely appears in public, the fans and colleagues were pretty shocked when he visited one of the red carpet evens. Unfortunately, he didn’t tell the press how he lost those 30 lbs, but he did it, and so can you!