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9 Best Mini-series To Binge in 2021


Mini-series are rapidly gaining popularity, and the creators are trying to fit the juicy plot into several episodes as concisely as possible so that the viewers can fully enjoy what is happening on the screen. But at the same time, we won’t have to wait for another six months or more for the next season to drop.

Here are some of the most fascinating mini-series that you should totally binge on in 2021.

1) Don’t F— With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

This one is only three episodes long but boy, is it fun!

“Don’t F— With Cats” revolves around a group of “couch detectives” going after a maniac who posted some grisly videos on the internet. You’re in for some unexpected plot twists when the group is forced to venture into the dark underworld. Even though it is a true story, the sheer amount of “WTF” moments makes it seem fictional.

2) Good Omens

Fans have been waiting for the adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s “Good Omens” for decades, and in 2019, the story of the friendship between an angel and a demon finally appeared on the screens in the six-episode Amazon series. The angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley have enjoyed their eternal lives until the Antichrist is born, threatening all humankind with fire, brimstone, and the end of the world.

3) Over The Garden Wall

Don’t sleep on this gem just because it’s animated. Over the Garden Wall is as much for kids as it is for us adults. It’s a fantastic and sometimes quite creepy story of two brothers who hop over the titular garden wall and find themselves in the Unknown. Unique characters, a bizarre adventure, and a lot of funny moments await you!

4) Russian Doll

Imagine waking up every day and going through the same day over and over again. No, we’re not talking about Groundhog’s Day, but the Russian Doll was clearly inspired by it. Without spoiling anything, that’s all we can tell you about Nadia and the time loop but rest assured, binging this series is a great idea!

5) The End of the F——g World

Witness one of the craziest friendships ever shown on the screen. He’s a teen psychopath trying to kill people and she’s a rebellious soul trying to get away from everyone. This bizarre couple embarks on a road trip to new experiences with nothing but their dark sense of humor in their bag.

6) I Am Not Okay With This

It’s a coming of age story about a young girl named Syd, who’s been living her teenage life with all the unnecessary drama until the day she discovered she’s got superpowers. It’s bloody and gory and definitely not for kids!

7) Living With Yourself

What would be going through your head if one morning you opened your crusty eyes and found yourself buried underground, incredibly confused, went home, and saw yourself kissing your wife? Something very creepy is happening in this town. Is it aliens? Maybe a government experiment? You better find out!

8) Chernobyl

The story of Professor Legasov, who was faced with a choice between serving his country and unveiling the ugly truth, will not leave even the deepest cynic indifferent. What happened on that day in Chornobyl (that’s the correct spelling, by the way) will never be forgotten, and this show had the guts to show the truth to the world.

9) The Queen’s Gambit

This Netflix mini-series based on the wonderful novel by Walter Tevis has already become a modern classic. Writer and director of the series Scott Frank quietly made one of the best hits of 2020 — a captivating sports drama about chess with a colorful main character played by the amazing Anya Taylor-Joy, who is growing into a big star before our eyes.