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8 Interesting Facts About Lizzo


2019 saw the breakthrough of a new singer that is the pure epitome of confidence. She’s black, she has curves, and she doesn’t care about any of that. That singer is called Lizzo, and we sadly don’t know very much about her yet.

Luckily, that’s all about to change.

Her Real Name

Let’s start with an obvious one: Lizzo isn’t her actual name. It’s Melissa Viviane Jefferson. You can see “Lizzo” had more of a ring to it.

Her Music Studies

In fact, she studied classical music at university. And she specialized in… flute performance. That’s right, flutes are cool now. She even still plays the flute during live shows to this day.

Her Gender

Lizzo feels like the regular spectrum of genders and sexuality don’t work for her. And that’s fine, we can all be who we want to be!

Her Collaborations

The singer worked with none other than Prince back in 2014 for the song “Boy Trouble”. I’m sure that’s an experience she’ll never forget for the rest of her life. Also she had great collaborations with Ariana Grande, Missy Elliott and other great musicians.

Her Body Positivity

Lizzo doesn’t care what anyone thinks a beautiful woman should look like and actively advocates being happy with the way you look. We’re all attractive people in our own ways.

Her Showmanship

During her first performance at Coachella, the music dropped out. Lizzo, being Lizzo, didn’t care and just kept singing. Nothing was going to ruin her moment.

Her Music History

The singer has always been involved in music and making music, from a very young age. She even had a bunch of bands and groups before she became a successful solo artist.

Her Tragedies

When Lizzo was 21, she had to live in her car for almost a whole year as her career wasn’t as successful as she’d hoped. In that same year, she also lost her father at a young age.