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8 Celebrities Who Never Finished High School


Apparently, Hollywood stars would rather be famous than finish school. Can you believe that people like John Travolta, Jim Carrey, and Charlie Sheen never actually had a proper school prom? It’s weird, isn’t it? Well, let’s see who else followed the trail of money…



1. Jim Carrey
So, as I just told you, Jim Carrey’s on the list. He had a pretty rough childhood, to say the least. His family lived in a van for some time, they needed money, and Jim even worked evenings as a janitor, until his mom got sick. That’s when he decided to leave school and watch over her. The rest is history. When the family moved to Toronto, one thing lead to another and Jim got his first TV role at the age of 18, and thus his grand Hollywood journey had begun.



2. Ryan Gosling
You’ve seen Gosling’s school photos, right? Looks like a normal kid, but… Turns out he was REALLY into Stallone and Rambo. In fact one day Ryan took some sharp knives to school, and started throwing them around during recess. He thought he was in the movie. Weirdly enough, he was not banned that day, but he did leave school a few years later, when he was 17, to start his acting career.

3. Mark Wahlberg
Believe it or not, Mark wanted to become a rapper back when he was a teen, so he dropped out of school. Now, this wasn’t his smartest idea ever, and he did admit that later. What I do know is that he did get his diploma – 25 years later. Better late than never!

4. Charlie Sheen
If you couldn’t tell by Sheen’s adult life, he’s not the smartest pea in the pod. And his problems started way-way back. He skipped classes almost daily, so naturally he didn’t get enough credits to graduate. And then the blow and hookers happened. Good times!



5. Nicolas Cage
A lot of eccentrics on this list, huh… I guess it’s only logical, that Cage also dropped out of school at 16, because it was his dream to become an actor. About 1 year later he got his first role on «Best of Times» TV show. At least he got what he wanted.

6. John Travolta
Similar other actors on this list, Travolta wished for a successful acting (and modeling) career, so he visited acting classes in the evenings. His peers didn’t understand why he’d rather spend time learning the trade than hang out with them, as high-school kids do. Eventually he found it hard to live this double life and ditched the school completely. Was it a good decision? I’d say it was, seeing how popular he’s become and how he’s nurtured an amazing hobby of flying jet aircraft. He’s even flow commercial 747 flights for Qantas!

7. Robert Downey, Jr.
Robert Downey, Jr. already had numerous acting credits under his belt when he decided to drop out of LA’s Santa Monica High School in 1982. He eventually wound up in New York, where he became part of the cast (albeit not for long) on Saturday Night Live before returning to Hollywood. While substance abuse issues nearly destroyed his career, Downey’s career is back on track as one of Hollywood’s most bankable box-office heavyweights.

8. Johnny Depp
In his pursuit of rock music career, Johnny Depp dropped out of high school at the age of 15. Although his band became somewhat famous locally, they never reached higher than that, but luckily for Depp, he was a pretty good actor, and some random agent managed to get him a role in a few TV shows, and, eventually, his breakout hit – «A Nightmare on Elm Street».