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7 TV Shows That Should Have Ended Way Sooner


Some long running shows like The Simpsons still can reflect on modern life and stay great, however, there are many which don’t get finished nicely before they go terrible. Finding the show that you love is wonderful but major cast changes, poor storylines and worse quality make you think if it is still worth watching. Here is a list of shows which should have ended way sooner.



1. Criminal Minds
This crime drama got the best things from CSI and detective shows to create a new format which gained millions of viewers around the world. While the idea was fresh and all of the characters were hugely loved by the fans, the stories became repetitive and the cast started to leave the show. While a couple of storylines kept it alive, the novelty has worn off.



2. The Big Bang Theory
The show started as an insight in life of geeks and their interaction with the outside world. With each season the writers were running out of ideas and when everyone got a partner and Raj started talking to women, it went downhill. From being a geeky show about science, it became a not-so-funny show about relationships. We’re glad it is over.

3. Supernatural
Two brothers fighting evil has been a favorite show for many people around the globe. However, many fans agree that the show should have ended when Lucifer was defeated as it brought the show to logical conclusion. Nevertheless, brothers keep dying, going rogue, coming back to life as someone else and so on. As show has been renewed for another season, hopefully the Winchester brothers will destroy the final evil villain one day.

4. Grey’s Anatomy
This medical drama was on the air for more than 10 years and went through every single thing you can imagine – weddings, break-ups, deaths, illnesses. A slightly more serious show than Scrubs, it has taken us through a life journey of surgical interns. It’s hard to say when this show should have ended, but with multiple main characters leaving, it should have been one of those moments.

5. How I Met Your Mother
The ending of the show was one of the most disappointing in history and the show itself should not have been so cruel to its fans who tried to decipher the hidden figure in the show for years. The finale would fit better somewhere midway through the show when the choice would make sense.

6. Glee
As the show featured teenagers singing popular songs, the drama behind it was enough for couple seasons. The repetitive theme of every season could not hold for much longer. Even with very personal topics discussed, it should have finished when everyone left the school for better ventures in their life.

7. Pretty Little Liars
The main goal of any mystery thriller is to find who is behind everything. While season two was the logical ending of the show with revelation of mysterious “A”, the show has been renewed for another 5 seasons adding shocking scenes instead of developing good story. Unlike many police shows where there can be multiple antagonists, Pretty Little Liars started to multiply A figure. Not cool.