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7 Signs You’re Watching Too Much TV


We’ve all dealt with “Binge Watch Syndrome” at some point in our lives. It’s a time in life where you keep watching one show after another and your life revolves around watching as many shows as possible. While there’s no inherent problem with binge watching a show every now and then, here’s a few signs you might be taking it a tad too far.



You Keep Talking in TV Show References
Sure, we all love memes – in moderation. Don’t be the guy that can’t seem to form an original sentence and has to keep quoting characters from popular shows.



You Own a Subscription to Every Streaming Service
Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime,… – these aren’t services to you anymore. They’re close friends. Your closest friends.

You’re More up to Date on TV Show Characters Than Your Own Family And Friends
You can draw a perfect Lannister family tree – including the bastards and stepchildren and who got killed by who – but can’t remember your niece’s name.

You’ve Lost Count of How Many Shows You’ve Seen
And we’re not talking about the shows you’ve seen in your life, either. You can’t even remember how many shows you watched in the last month.

Netflix Keeps Asking You if You Want to Continue Watching
Yes, yes I would like to keep watching this show. Stop confronting me with my addiction.

You Cancel Social Plans to Watch TV
That new episode of your favorite show is always more important than keeping up with whatever it is your friends are doing. Who are these people anyway?

Your Sleep Hours Are Less Than Your TV Hours
Don’t forget: watching that extra episode will only cost you about 40 minutes of sleep. You can probably manage without that.