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7 of the Best Top Models From India


India has always been a place where culture and beauty have connected in amazing ways, and honestly their people are no exception. It’ll be hard to find a man that doesn’t find an Indian woman attractive, and thanks to globalization these women are slowly but surely gaining more and more time in the spotlight.

Here’s a few Indian women that can be considered to be among the best models India has to offer.

Anjali Lavania

Anjali is just the perfect girl next door, isn’t she? Just look at that curly hair!

Nathalia Kaur

Nathalia has the kind of features everyone expects from a beautiful Indian woman. Just look at her: the hair, the eyes, the lips… she has the whole package locked down.

Priyanka Chopra

Let’s not forget that despite Priyanka being a famous Hollywood actress now, she started out being a model.

Amy Jackson

While she does seem to use loads of make-up, I doubt she’d need to. Amy has wonderful features (and amazing hair), so it’s no great mystery why she’s one of India’s greatest top models.

Amruta Patki

Amruta is very active on Instagram and she was part of the Miss World competition in 2006. For some reason we still haven’t figured out, she didn’t win it.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika just looks amazing. She was born in Denmark and is already in her mid-30’s, but you’d never tell from looking at her.

This woman looks stunning enough as it is, but it’s even more impressive if you remember that she’s almost 46! I have a hard time finding women 10 years younger that look this good.