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7 Netflix Shows That Got Cancelled Too Soon


We’re kind of used to TV shows being cancelled after a couple of seasons because they don’t get the ratings that they were expected to get. Television is all about getting the numbers after all. But when it comes to streaming services, we thought things would be different. We thought that since we can binge things and it’s online, surely we’ll get way more seasons of the shows we actually like and watch. You don’t have to watch it every week at a specific time, you can binge whole seasons, surely the ratings wouldn’t be a problem. Yet here we are, there are still shows on Netflix that we wish weren’t cancelled and would get more seasons. Let’s take a look at some of the best shows that in our humble opinion should’ve had more seasons.

1. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones was the female superhero we were all waiting for. She was strong but she definitely wasn’t perfect, and that’s what made her unique and special. We loved that she had flaws, we loved that the show was so dark, and we wish we got more than just 3 seasons of this show.

2. Luke Cage

This was like a spin off for those who loved Jessica Jones. We got introduced to this character on Jessica Jones and it was exciting to see his own story in his own show. But unfortunately it wasn’t popular enough and Netflix cancelled it after season 2.

3. Orange Is The New Black

This show ran for 7 seasons, you’d think that was enough, but if you actually watched it and was a fan of it you’ll know that it definitely wasn’t. It was such a good series, and you felt like you really got to know the characters and the fans were so invested that in the end we just wanted more.

4. Santa Clarita Diet

It’s a bit of a silly concept for a show, but you can’t deny that it worked. So Drew Barrymore was kind of a zombie and needed to eat human flesh to survive and her family eventually found out and just started helping her and covering up for her, all while trying to keep it a secret. It’s hilarious and we demand season 4.

5. BoJack Horseman

If you haven’t watched this show – you’ve been missing out. It sounds strange but it just works ok? It’s like Californication but animated and most of the characters are humanoid animals and their character traits are actually a hilarious reflection on what animal they are. It’s sarcastic and dark and depressing but also witty and hilarious and relatable. There were 6 seasons of the show, but any fan will tell you that no amount of seasons would be enough. It’s that good.

6. Daredevil

Daredevil is a show about a blind guy who works as a lawyer by day and becomes a superhero who uses his other senses to protect the city by night. It might not sound like much if this is the first time you hear about it but it’s actually and incredible show and when Netflix decided to wrap it up on a high note after just 3 seasons there were a lot of angry fans.

7. Sense 8

This show was unlike anything else you’ve ever seen before. The plot was truly unique and it sucked you in from the first episode, you just needed to know what’s going to happen next, or rather, what happened and how and why? The cast was so diverse it was actually considered to be the most diverse cast ever. And the fact that it got cancelled after just 2 seasons is a disgrace. At least we got a feature finale.