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7 Most Powerful Women in Music Right Now


I like music. I like women. So it’s only logical that women in music is like one of the best combos in the world. Without further ado, here are 7 most powerful women in music right now.



1. Dua Lipa
Whenever you’re listening to Lana’s songs or watch her videos, there’s no way you’re not dancing or smiling like a doofus. Sometimes that’s all you need to make your day. Her cheerful personality and influence have earned her a spot on this list.



2. Ariana Grande
This young lady is very talented, yet she’s a tough cookie!

3. Lady Gaga
Year after year Lady Gaga proves to millions of her fans that she’s not only about wearing strange and flashy garments, but she also has integrity! Remember her LP “Joanne”? It was named after her aunt who fought lupus, that Gaga’s never really met. It’s incredibly inspiring, to say the least.

4. Beyonce
If anyone deserves a warm spot on the list of most influential female singers it’s Beyonce. Between releasing a hit after hit, raising kids, and supporting her hubby Jay Z’s career, she finds time for herself. Teach us, Queen B, we are not worthy!

5. Rihanna
Rihanna is also a beast when it comes to inspiring others. Every year more and more young performers want to be like her. But RiRi will not play second fiddle to some newcomer hotshot! Remember Lamar’s “Loyalty” and how her mesmerizing voice made that song one of the best tracks of the year? She’s won the Best Rap/Sung Performance four times now and she’s not stopping!

6. Taylor Swift
A lot of young girls nowadays idolize Taylor Swift and this is actually a good thing. What can I say, she knows how to use her power over people!

7. Katy Perry
Not everyone can pull off the array of crazy hairstyles for so many years. But Katy sure can! To this day you can feel that unyielding, explosive voice, making teens all over the world go crazy. She knows just which buttons to push to make her fans scream for more.