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7 Most Dysfunctional Cartoon Families Shown on TV


Not all families live in happiness and perfect balance, but even some of the worst example are nothing compared to the over-the-top dysfunctional families from cartoons. Actually, when you take a closer look at them, you’ll be happy to realize your squabbles with mom, dad, or your siblings are so insignificant.


Here are 7 most dysfunctional cartoon families ever shown on TV.



1. The Griffins – “Family Guy”
From the very first episodes you could tell the Griffins are not your run-off-the-mill family. Everyone’s got something to say about the other members. And if you put them all in one room… well, let’s just say, some therapy may be required after that. And besides, how’s it possible that Lois and Peter are still together after all the crap they’ve been through?



2. The Archer-Kane Family – “Archer”
Archer is a jerk but also a secret agent who’s best known for his snarky opinions about his mother, Malory, Lana – his dysfunctional girlfriend, and everyone else around him. I guess you really have to like this show to know what’s going on. Thank god, there are memes!

3. The Hills – “King of the Hill”
If the King of the Hill was just a show about a regular American family it’d be cancelled by the network after the first season. Instead we have Hank, who has trouble fitting into the modern world; his little Bobby boy – a creative soul; and Peggy – the mom, who’s the sanest of them all, but not quite “sane”. It’s a “slice of life” type of show but with popcorn accessories and pocket sand!

4. The Belchers – “Bob’s Burgers”
Having your own diner/burger joint is a dream for many Americans but the Belchers happen to be the most eccentric bunch. You never know what will hit you next! Maybe that’s why the local folk doesn’t want to get tied up in their shenanigans. I personally don’t understand the appeal of this show. If you’re under 10, there’s very little slapstick to laugh at, and after 10 it all just seems either very stupid, or boring. Different strokes, I guess.

5. The Smiths – “American Dad!”
Secret agent man, his crazy wife, a stoner daughter, a Nazi goldfish, and an alien walk into a house… You can tell already that this show pulls zero punches. Just put any combination of these characters in one room and watch the world burn.

6. The Simpsons – “The Simpsons”
The good old Simpsons are guilty of being a dysfunctional family too. Homer is a lovable but incredibly dumb, Bart always gets into trouble, Lisa is just unbearable, but usually right, Marge doesn’t know how to chill, and Maggie has some unresolved issues. There’s a part of all of them in our souls. For better or worse.

7. The Smiths – “Rick and Morty”
And finally, the most effed-up family of all (IMHO) – the Smiths. But then again how would it be possible to have a normal relationship with your daughter and grand kids when you’re the most wanted man in the galaxy? People are complex, and this show reminds us about that every time we think it’s going to be a cake walk. That’s why we keep watching it, not the stupid catchphrases!