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7 Aged Hollywood Actresses Who Could Easily Steal Your Grandpa


For some reason, our modern society has this silly stereotype that a beautiful woman must always be young. This may be due to the stuff we are being fed every day by TV ads, fashion magazines, and global cosmetics corporations. Young girls think of getting older as their worst nightmare.

If you are also afraid of growing all wrinkly and old, please stop. It’s not that bad. Just look at these stunning Hollywood silver foxes. Millions of people still admire them to this day. Life’s getting more interesting the longer you stick around, and these celebs are the proof.

1. Diane Keaton
Diane has been a role model for more than three decades, and she is a perfect example of how women can be beautiful, full of life and incredibly successful at any stage of their lives. At least that’s what the president of L’Oreal said about her in an interview. He made Diane Keaton the new face of L’Oreal and she will be advertising new anti-aging products for years to come!

2. Sharon Stone
The sex symbol of the 90s and the most famous blonde in Hollywood, Sharon Stone, celebrated her 62nd birthday in March, but her age did not affect her charm or her phenomenal fashion sense. That is why the AirField brand snagged her to advertise their products. In their opinion, Sharon Stone perfectly embodies the idea of a modern woman, and I couldn’t agree more.

3. Charlotte Rampling
The 74-year-old British actress, Charlotte Rampling, has appeared in the Nars ad campaign dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Nars brand a few years ago. The pictures were taken personally by Francois Nars. Do you remember this campaign?

4. Jane Fonda
A fan of fitness and a healthy lifestyle, Jane Fonda has always tried to push aerobics to the viewers, which allowed her to stay in great shape for many years. The 82-year-old movie star has proven that beauty and talent are not mutually exclusive. For many years, Jane has been presenting a line of rejuvenating cosmetics from L’Oreal.

5. Jessica Lange
In the ’80s, she was a symbol of American elegance. Today, Jessica Lange is still a very spectacular lady, and this could not go unnoticed by fashion gurus. Around four years ago, it became known that Jessica was going to become the “face” of the Marc Jacobs cosmetics lineup, and, frankly, she nailed it.

6. Helen Mirren
Every time Helen Mirren appears at some premiere, the media can’t help but discuss her fancy get-up. This is not surprising, as the actress looks fantastic, despite her age. And her brand of choice, L’Oreal, is proud to have Helen present their cosmetics.

7. Sophie Lauren
85-year-old Sophie Lauren has her own secrets of staying young and beautiful. For example, she does not smoke or drink, carefully monitors nutrition, and of course, keeps her body in tip-top shape. Dolce & Gabbana realized what a treasure she was and made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.