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6 TV Characters That Went From Good To Evil


We’ve already got loads of TV shows and movies where the villain gets a redemption arc. Think Spike from Buffy, Loki in the Avengers series,… Having a main character shift allegiance adds a very powerful dynamic shift to the story. It’s probably one of the easier ways to make your audience feel like the story could go either direction.
And as we’ve had redemption arcs, we’ve also had storylines where good and benevolent characters joined the dark side like Anakin in Episode III. Let’s take a look at some of the well-known ones.
Walter White (Breaking Bad)
This guy started off as the perfect husband, teacher and father. Sadly, his situation forced him down the path of drug dealing where he couldn’t find an easy way out, slowly turning into Heisenberg.

Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)
While Daenerys turning “mad Targaryen” had been hinted at several times throughout GoT, watching her burn King’s Landing along with all the innocent civilians in it was truly a shock for the character that we all came to know as someone that fought for justice and freedom.

Jane (Blindspot)
Jane Doe turning into her Remi persona was surely a shock for the most avid fans of the series, where the whole dynamic suddenly changed for the last seasons.

Zack Addy (Bones)
Zack turning out to be an apprentice for the Gormogon had huge results for the show’s dynamic, since the entire Bones team was so fond of him. Luckily the final season has the team exonerate Zack – allowing fans to close off the series with Zack having just been very susceptible to manipulation but not a bad guy.

Bill Compton (True Blood)
Originally starting as the nicest vampire in Louisiana and beyond, Bill fell more and more to the evil spectrum and finally reached his ultimate low point when he drank Lilith’s blood and turned himself into some kind of ruthless vampire overlord.

Paul Jillian (You’re The Worst)
Paul, starting off as a typical nice guy for his wife – albeit a tad boring – gets an emotional and visual evil make-over after divorcing from his wife and nearly leaving her bankrupt.