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6 Famous Internet Kids Who Are Smarter Than You Think


How do you become popular in the age of memes and social media? Short answer is – you get lucky. But just relying on your luck won’t get you far. These 6 kids have become quite famous, each in their own unique way. And, besides, getting noticed is but at first step. It’s what you do with your popularity that actually matters. Making money is the obvious choice, but you gotta be smart to cash in on your fans.


Here are 6 famous internet kids who are smarter than you think.



1. Madison Nicole Ziegler
Born on September 30, 2002, Madison started her TV career when she was just 8 years old. Actually, you’ve probably seen her in Sia’s music videos for “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart”. Time magazine even featured her in their “30 most influential teens” top lists in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Aside from dancing and acting, Madison is currently doing modeling and working on various business projects.

2. Valentina Paloma Pinault
Valentina is 11 years old, and her mother is none other than Salma Hayek. When she was 9, she started her own company to sell all the slime she’s made (over 40 different types ain’t bad). And, sure, it’s only a company on paper, bet she’s selling those slimmers like crazy in her school! For an 11 year-old that’s a win, no matter how you spin it.

3. Noah Lindsey Cyrus
Who would have thought that a Cyrus kid could become a success? Yeah, pretty much everyone, at this point. Noah is only 18 and has already voiced a character in the English dub of Miyazaki’s “Ponyo”. In 2016 her first single came out, and a full-fledged album is set to be released in 2018.

4. Nash Grier
Nash Grier is 21, and best-known for Magcon, whatever the hell it is. That thing helped him out a lot when Vine died. Vine’s demise didn’t even make Nash sweat, because he had many other projects in the works. Then there’s YouTube, of course. All in all, it’s been estimated that he makes around 600k annually. For a 21 year-old whelp that’s freaking fantastic.

5. Skai Jackson
Born in 2002, Skai became a child actress soon after. You may have seen her playing Zuri Ross in Disney’s “Jessie”, and/or “Bunk’d”. One would think that full-timing in a Disney show would mean you have no time for anything else, but Skai is on a whole different level. Thanks to her stunning outfits, she’s getting noticed by the fashion people. In fact, she’s starting her very own fashion line called “Nowadays”. Not bad, kiddo!

6. Danielle Bregoli Peskowitz
Who becomes a rapper at 15? Apparently, Danielle does. Have you heard of “Bhad Bhabie”? How about the “cash me outside” girl? Yup, that’s her. Danielle somehow became a rapper, and even got herself a contract with Atlantic Records. I don’t understand what is wrong with this world, but this kid charges minimum $30k and that means I’ll never know.