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6 Dead-Serious Roles of Famous Comedians


For Hollywood stars, it’s incredibly easy to get type-casted. Some actors play predominantly “good guys,” like Will Smith or Ryan Reynolds. Others can portray baddies exceptionally well. And then there are the jokers – the funny guys! Lucky for us, these famous actors are not afraid to come out of their comfort zone and try something new for a change.
From Jim Carrey to Bill Murray, here are the most popular comedic actors who have impressed the viewers with their dead-serious dramatic roles.

1. Jim Carrey
His rubber face can pull off a wide range of expressions. Remember his dorky characters Ace Ventura or Stanley Ipkiss from the “Mask”? The man’s a comedic genius. After becoming famous, he was getting type-casted into comedy projects and nothing else. Until he scored a part in “The Truman Show.” Sure, it’s a comedy, but you won’t be laughing by the time the credits roll. The same goes for the “Man on the Moon.” But Carrey’s magnum opus was the phenomenal sci-fi drama “The Eternal Shine of a Spotless Mind.”

2. Robin Williams
Here’s another actor who was able to pursue his career in two completely different directions. We all remember how easily the star of “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Aladdin” can make us laugh. But thanks to his more dramatic roles, Robin has shown that comedy is only the tip of the iceberg for him. “Will Hunting” and “Dead Poet Society” are the best examples to prove that Robin Williams could easily squeeze the tears from our eyes.

3. Adam Sandler
While scrolling through the list of Adam Sandler’s, let’s call them “movies,” one would start thinking that this guy has lost his mind. Immature, often vulgar comedies with a simple plot coming out almost every year – is this all that he can do now? Well, it turns out he isn’t done just yet. The most striking demonstration of his dramatic prowess was in the movie “Punch-Drunk Love,” where Adam played a neurotic boy who grew up surrounded by powerful sisters. His recent role in “Uncut Gems” is also legendary. Let’s hope he keeps it up!

4. Steve Carell
It’s never easy to break free from the role of your lifetime, like Steve Carell’s goofy and adorably incompetent Michael from the Office. But he did it, and we still can’t believe it. The fantastic make-up made Carell look more dark and sinister for the role of billionaire John Dupont, the protagonist of the sports drama “Foxcatcher,” which was based on real events.

5. Whoopi Goldberg
Unlike many other actors, Whoopi Goldberg’s path to Hollywood was paved with drama, even though she’s best known for her comedic roles. When she starred in Steven Spielberg’s drama “The Color Purple,” she was portraying one of the most challenging characters of her career. That image of a teen mother brought Whoopi her first Oscar nomination. And only after that, she started to loosen up a little and take comedic roles we all know and love.

6. Bill Murray
Bill Murray has been in the shadow of his comedic roles for a long time. Big hits like “Ghostbusters” and “Groundhog Day” were his bread and butter, until he started agreeing to more dramatic roles. One of his most significant works was the iconic “Lost in Translation” by Sofia Coppola. Here Murray had the opportunity to fully show off his acting chops. He did win a Golden Globe for that, after all!