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30 Times Traveling Celebs Hanging Out With Their Younger Selves!


If you could break the laws of physics and journey back in time, what would your first destination be? Would you go see how the life on Earth started (and possibly die due to the harsh atmosphere? Or how about going to Egypt to finally settle the debate around aliens helping them build pyramids? Nah, that’s boring… OH! I know, how about going back to tell your younger self to stop sucking at life and get a job finally? … Just me then? Well, all right.
All jokes aside, how awesome would it be to high-five your younger self? We’ll probably never know for sure but thanks to Ard Gelinck and his phenomenal Photoshop skills, the concept of time itself stops being an issue for many celebrities.


Here are 30 time traveling celebs just hanging out with their younger selves!



1. Clint Eastwood



2. Leonardo Di Caprio



3. Justin Timberlake



4. Emma Watson



5. Daniel Radcliffe

6. Julia Roberts



7. George Michael



8. Freddy Mercury



9. Tina Turner



10. Brad Pitt

11. Sylvester Stallone



12. George Clooney



13. Lady GaGa



14. Tom Hanks



15. Macaulay Culkin

16. Jennifer Anniston



17. Tom Cruise



18. Richard Gere



19. Robert de Niro



20. Michael J. Fox

21. Paul McCartney



22. Amy Winehouse



23. Michael Jackson



24. Madonna



25. Matt le Blanc

26. Harrison Ford



27. Christina Applegate



28. Britney Spears



29. Robbie Williams



30. Michelle Obama