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26 Rare Photos of Celebs Before They Were Famous


If you’re like me, you may have wondered what your favorite celebrities looked like before they became divas, and super-stars. Well you can stop wondering, and start scrolling down, because you’re about to see exactly 26 very rare photos of your beloved idols. So, sit tight, and pour yourself some freshly squeezed gin and tonic, because you’re about to feel old AF. Or maybe it’s just me.



1. Elton John
Young Elton John looked a lot like the grandpa from UP



2. Taylor Swift
Bangs aren’t always a bad idea…



3. Amy Lee
Gotta say, the pre-Evanescense Amy Lee is much hotter.



4. Lana Del Rey

5. Drake
He’s a … rapper, right?



6. Celine Dion
This is how you go from nope to dope.



7.Adam Levine
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8. Shakira
Nay to yay in just a few years!



9. Enrique Iglesias
He looks nothing like his child-self.

10. Katy Perry
There are people out there who are bragging about going to the same school as Katy Perry



11. Rihanna
Caribbean braids? Not your best look, Riri



12. Jennifer Lopez
Wait, did she have a nose job?



13. Cher
Definitely a lot of cosmetic surgeries gone wrong here.

14. Marilyn Manson
Not even gonna touch this one.



15. Kylie Minogue
I’m beginning to think all these ladies had nose jobs…



16. Ozzy Osbourne
Now there’s a handsome fella!



17. Gwen Stefani
I see no changes here



18. Britney Spears
She was like a goldfish with those eyes!

19. Nicki Minaj
Another one of those unexplained phenomena.



20. Avril Lavigne
Has not changed a BIT!



21. Bruno Mars
That’s a lot of hair that went missing.



22. Lady Gaga
See? Gaga was rather cute, before she started wearing meat dresses…

23. Beyonce
She can sing, or so I’ve heard.



24. Eminem
No joke, I looked exactly like baby Eminem back in school.



25. Steve Taylor
Don’t do drugs, kids.



26. Snoop Dogg
Snoop Animal will probably look the same in 50 years.