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20 Times Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen Proved They Are The Greatest BFFs Ever


Think you have a best friend? You might review all your relationships after you witness the miracle that is Ian McKellen’s and Patrick Stewart’s friendship. We know what it’s like to have a person that utterly and totally gets you, but it seems that these two don’t even need words anymore to communicate what they think and feel. Their bromance dates back more than a few decades, preceding everything X-Men-related. Patrick and Ian first met at the Royal Shakespeare Company, with Patrick being all star-struck by the magnificence of the future Magneto and the work he was doing at the theater. Patrick was the one who talked to Ian McKellen first, thus, beginning a long-life friendship we get to enjoy so much today.



Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen did a few theater gigs together back in the day, but it wasn’t until the 1999 X-Men movie that they got together again and turned into friends for life.



During the filming of X-Men, Patrick and Ian lived next to each other in luxury trailers in Toronto. Naturally, the two started hanging out together, finding lots of things in common.



They admirably call each other ‘sir’ and we simply can’t get enough of it!

Jogging together wearing hats like real gentlemen.



But they don’t mind doing something a little bit more fun, either.



Ian simply couldn’t go past his best friend – even in the wax museum!



They got so close that Ian McKellen wasn’t just invited to Patrick Stewart’s wedding, he was the one performing the ceremony!

If you ever wondered what BFFs look like – behold! This pic showcases a photo taken not so long ago at Coney Island.



Taking creep-shots of each other is yet another thing you enjoy doing with your best friend. One morning Patrick Stewart drove to work earlier than usual only to find his friend already sitting on the porch.



Brought together by both Shakespeare and Bryan Singer, the two northerners felt good about the X-Men movies and grandeur roles that suited their theatrical upbringing. It was also pure fun!

A little bit of kissing doesn’t hurt a bit after decades of friendship.



The public was blown away by Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen who portrayed two wanderers waiting for the mysterious Mr. Godot.



One simply can’t ignore the fact that his best friend is a powerful Internet meme.



Getting silly with your bestie while on a serious photo-shoot? Done.

Just another random afternoon of two lovely gents doing whatever they want and whenever they want it.



The time they climbed onto the top of the Empire State Building and spent some quality time together.



It’s hard to tell who’s more happy – Patrick and Ian for posing with Elmo, or Elmo for meeting these two adorable gentlemen!

Making silly faces is something these two gents enjoy very, very much.



It’s hard not to giggle while looking upon these friends. They definitely know how to have fun!



Another thing you can do with your bestie is play arcade games for hours. At any age!