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17 Weirdest Pokemon (All Generations)


Remember when the whole Pokemon craze was just starting? Probably not, but let me tell you a few things about the First Generation. It was glorious. Everything was so new and shiny, we studied each Pokemon and their attacks, stats, weaknesses, resistances by just playing the game. Back then we didn’t really pay that much attention to how weird some of the Pokemon were. This one’s like a cat, that one’s a lizard, and here’s a … flying… magnet with screws for legs? WOW!


With each generation Game Freak somehow managed to add more and more weird Pokemon, while also sneaking in some of the strangest creatures as well. Anyway, here are 17 strangest Pokemon from all the generations. Also, it’s my personal list, so feel free to disagree with me in the comments!



1. Diglett
Nobody knows how Diglett’s lower half looks like and that makes him super weird.



2. Magnemite
This entire evolutionary line is horribly messed up! How does a magnet with a huge eye even comes to life in the first place?



3. Mr Mime
Do I seriously need to say anything about Mr. Mine? Not only is he creepy, the recent “Detective Pikachu” trailer tells us that those “shoes” and “shoulder pads” are actually parts of his body.

4. Unown
They are letters. Sentient letters! What the bloody heck?



5. Ludicolo
I’ll be honest, I love Ludicolo for its water/grass typing in the games, but when I saw its “live version” the other day. Oh my lord. Who hurt you, Game Freak?



6. Shedinja
When you evolve Nincada into Ninjask, you’re gonna get Nincada’s old husk, but it’s now sentient and has 1 HP. Clearly, this is weird.

7. Spoink
Here’s a legless Peppa the Pig. According to the Pokedex, the spring pumps blood, so when Spoink stops bouncing it gets a heart attack, basically.



8. Yamask
It’s just a ghost Pokemon, how is it any weirder than Gastly? Well, do you see that mask it’s carrying around? This was once its human face. Yup. They went there. Humans can become Pokemon.



9. Trubbish
This Pokemon is literal garbage. Not even kidding.

10. Vanilluxe
Would you lick a giant living ice cream cone? Because that’s what Vanilluxe essentially is.



11. Klink
Really, a freaking gear? How creative.



12. Diggersby
It’s a bunny with ears so buff they can break your spine in half.

13. Slurpuff
A cotton candy Pokemon. A COTTON! CANDY! POKEMON! What if it rains, hm? What then?



14. Klefki
Key-… Guys, it’s a key-chain Pokemon. Why, Game Freak?



15. Sandygast
I can clearly see the pitch for this one:
– Imagine… A pile of sand. BUT HAUNTED! Eh? EH? And it evolves into a cursed sand castle that sucks the life force of children it prapped.
– Sold!

16. Meltan
Probably the single worst Pokemon ever created. It’s a nut with an eye. Can’t make this stuff up!



17. Every single Ultra Beast.
And finally, we have all of the Ultra Beasts. Just look at them: a buff nightmare mosquito, a cockroach lady, a freaking WALL OF EYES!.. Seriously?