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15 Mind-Bending Pictures of Game of Thrones Actors in Real Life


Now that the Game of Thrones has finally hit the screens again it seems that anyone can talk about is the way Arya has grown up and what will happen to the North and, oh my, Sam is such a bad boy when it comes to books. But you know what? Whether we like it or not, there are real people behind all those characters who still (somehow, we really don’t know how they do it) manage to lead their very own semi-normal lives. They get together, go to cafes and restaurants, laugh, dance and fool around just as much as anyone else. But in light of their Game of Thrones characters, seeing them engaging in everyday human activities can become an entertainment by itself. Here are 15 hilarious pics of GoT actors in real life.



Dany, Khal Drogo and George R.R. Martin
Daenerys, Khal Drogo and the author of the Game of Thrones come into a bar…sounds like a beginning of a joke, right? But here they are – Dany with amazing dark hair, Khal Drogo, who is actually a nice surfer dude, and George R.R. Martin away from his typewriter, just chilling with his friends.



Karaoke Bar
Could you ever imagine Tyrion Lannister hula-hooping at a bar? Well, now you won’t be able to unsee this.



The Stark Kids
Arya, Sansa and Bran look like normal teenagers here. What a pleasant sight!

Just look at those Stark kids being all nice and cute. Oh, and don’t forget the young Greyjoy.



Hodor Rocks
Never expected Hodor to be so darn stylish? Well, Kristian Nairn who plays the character does not only rock amazing looks, but also has a cool twitter and mad DJ skills.

The Hound & Arya
These two should be in a sitcom together! Something like ‘The Hound and the Wolf-Girl’.



Arya, Sansa, Margaery and Oberyn
It’s so unusual to see these guys all happy and not miserable at all. What a pleasant sight it is!



Varys on the Red Carpet
Mr. Varys definitely rocks that silvery mane of his like a real pro. We almost regret he has to go around the show all bald wearing an old-ish robe!

Osha the Wildling
While Osha might not have been into artsy stuff on the show, Natalia Tena definitely has a taste for some showmanship. Playing accordion in a bikini seems like a piece of cake for this young lady!



Melisandre and the Banana Phone
Is she trying to call R’hllor by any chance? Well, with a phone like that, he may very well answer her call!

Samwell, Sansa, and Margaery
Sam will probably meet Sansa at some point on the show, but Sansa and Margaery both at the same time? Nah.



King Joffrey Goofing Around
King Joffrey not being evil, sadistic, or both at the same time? Well, that’s a new one. But here he is, rocking a silly chicken crown like he’s worn it all his life. Nice guy!



The Mountain’s Son
The Mountain looks adorable with his cute little son sitting on his lap. All kinds of miracles can happen in real life!

Tyrion Scootering Around the City
How can someone ride a scooter with a serious face like that? You have to be born as the unwanted son of Tywin Lannister, that’s how.



Arya and Sansa
The young she-wolf and her sister surely know how to have fun! Arya and Sansa aren’t acting too lady-like in this photo.