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15 Famous French Actors And Actresses Then And Now


Time is a ruthless ruler no matter how popular you are or how many millions of dollars you have in your bank account. Getting old sucks but that’s just how this world works. Luckily now that we have cameras in every pocket, we can document the process of aging and get depressed much faster than before! Of course, we can also use our technology to look at other, more interesting people when they were younger.


Let’s take established French actors for example. They are gorgeous and amazingly talented and have starred in countless Hollywood smash hits. They are definitely international sensations, if you ask me! Well, they used to be, at least. Now most of them are spending their hard-earned money on new cars, yachts, and double-stuffed Oreos, probably.


Let’s take a minute to appreciate how astonishing these 15 French actors and actresses looked when they got their first role, and how drastically some of them have changed over the years.



1. Sophie Marceau



2. Catherine Deneuve



3. Jane Birkin



4. Pierre Richard



5. Christian Clavier

6. Jean Reno



7. Isabelle Adjani



8. Brigitte Bardot



9. Alain Delon



10. Jean-Paul Belmondo

11. Laetitia Casta



12. Marion Cotillard



13. Gerard Depardieu



14. Eva Green



15. Vincent Cassel