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15 Failed Celebs And The Mistakes That Ruined Them


Ain’t this a fun thing? You grow up to be a celebrity and people revere you like a God among men. You give joy to people all around the world, you create works of art that touch people on an emotional level. And then all of a sudden, you’re done.
You make one small decision and collectively, society decides they’re fucking done with you. We’ll have no more of your artistry shit if you’re going to make bad decisions in your private life, artist person! We decide which path you need to take with your life!
Let’s take a look at some celebrities that were regurgitated by society after making a decision we didn’t agree with. Because we know better, dammit!



Nicolas Cage – Buys Weird Shit
It’s not naming his son Kal-El (Superman’s Kryptonian name) that made us think Nic Cage was weird, no. It’s the fact he bought dinosaur skulls, a shark, a haunted house…



Kristen Stewart – Cheating on Robert Pattinson
People loved this couple after the Twilight saga. Then Kristen did a different movie, met a real man and cheated on vampire boy. Her wild group of 14-year-old female fans went nuts, because they’d never cheat on Robert. NEVER!



John Travolta – High as a Kite at Oscars (also, Scientology)
Ol’ John got so high at the 2014 Oscars, he presented Idina Menzel as Adela Dazeem. That’s literally not remembering jack shit apart from the “d” and the “z”.

Kevin Costner – Chose Bad Scripts
It’s honestly weird to go from The Untouchables and Field of Dreams to Waterworld. Not even talking 3000 Miles to Graceland.



Brendan Fraser – Bad Romance (Not With Lady GaGa)
This guy had a divorce and his wife claimed a whopping $900k annually in alimony. I mean, it’s no wonder the guy comes off desperate for roles lately.

Jessica Biel – Got Naked
In a move that’s usually a career maker for young actresses in Hollywood, this totally backfired on Biel. Twice! First she did a revealing photoshoot in Gear magazine when she was only 17 (America doesn’t like that). Then her career was back on track after long, hard work and she played an enthusiastic stripper in Powder Blue. Bye bye, Jessica!



Katherine Heigl – Ego
Katherine has allegedly been nothing but awful to pretty much everyone she’s worked with on every show, movie or coffee break. That’ll get your career down the gutter real fast.



Arnold Schwarzenegger – Illegitimate Child
With the family nanny, as well! Hasta la vista, unwanted baby!

Mel Gibson – Turned Out To Be A Racist Asshole
What? No reason to sugar coat it. He said the Jews were responsible for everything bad in the world. Can you think of anyone else that claimed stuff like that? Do you like that guy? No? Then you don’t like this one either. I don’t care how much Robert Downey Jr. asks me to forgive Mel.



Tom Cruise – Scientology
He’s been the marketing symbol for Scientology for as long as anyone’s known Scientology exists. And we kind of hate him for it. I mean, I’ll still watch the next Mission: Impossible, but I’ll no longer invite you for a drink. Sorry Tom, I think it’ll work out better this way.

Katie Holmes – Married Tom Cruise
I think that’s the best proof of how low Tom Cruise had fallen after he’d become the poster boy for Scientology. We even hated whoever he married for no other reason than the fact they were near him.



Renee Zellweger – Plastic Surgery
Although she denied this. Which hasn’t really helped her reputation all that much. I mean, we’re not blind, Renee. Faces don’t just randomly change shapes. That’s not how any of this works.



Taylor Lautner – Switched Genres
You thought people hated this guy during Twilight, you should see what happened to him when he did something else. Action hero? We hate him like that. Comedy? We also hate him like that.



Tobey McGuire – Did Spider-Man 3
It takes most actors multiple bad movies to fall out of grace. Hell, M. Night Shyamalan is still allowed to make movies, so we don’t even give a shit when it comes to directors. But if you make the worst Spider-Man movie to date, we’re going to hate you for it. We know you had nothing to do with the script, but we don’t care.