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13 Most Beautiful Women In The World Then And Now


We can’t define beauty with mere words, but we do like symmetry and right proportions. However, those parameters vary from person to person, in each county, nation, and even city.


Here are 13 most beautiful women in the world then and now!



Irina Shayk
Super cute Russian gal, isn’t she? And she even somehow managed to snag Bradley Cooper’s heart! There’s nothing she can’t do, apparently.



Bar Refaeli
One of the most famous lingerie models in the world. No big deal. Cute as a kid, hot as an adult – that’s a win-win!

Gisele Bündchen
Another super-model on the list is Gisele, famous for her endless legs.



Kate Moss
Kate Moss was not supposed to become a model, and yet she did. What does that tell you? The natural look will always win against the fakes. Also, some luck would be great.



I have 3 words for you: hips don’t lie! Besides those, Shakira’s got a really cute… everything else, basically. But mostly hips.

Lily Aldridge
You can drown in this Angel’s eyes like they’re the Pacific freaking Rim.



Alessandra Ambrosio
More Victoria’s Secret models is always great. All I can say is that Alessandra is pretty much perfect as it is, and no mortal plastic surgeon must touch her ever.

Miranda Kerr
Now, lookie here! ANOTHER top model? How unexpected of me. It’s those eyes again…



Kate Beckinsale
Since the first Underworld movie she’s visited so many male fantasies, we ought to build her a statue!

Kirsten Dunst
Spider-Man was very much impressed. The rest of the humanity clapped and whistled and cooed… What more do we really need?



Cara Delevingne
I’ll say this: Cara is a hottie, no arguing here, but as an actress, she sucks. Maybe in the future she’ll polish her acting skills, but for now – just look pretty!

Liv Tyler
If elves were real, Liv would definitely be their queen. I mean, just look at her face! **swoon**



Angelina Jolie
The one and only, the most spectacular of them all, the Mother of all Orphans, Raider of Tombs, Bender of Bullets, Hacker of Networks – Angelina Jolie. You love her, I love her, we’re all in it! That is all.