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11 Unconventional TV Christmas Dinners


December is the perfect time to revisit the classic Christmas movies, TV shows, and cartoons. These films have been cleverly disguised in genres ranging from dramas and musicals to horrors, action flicks, and comedies poking fun at the Americans with their passion for excessive illumination, the abundance of presents, and traditional holiday feasting like there’s no tomorrow.

Some of these movies, however, include highly unusual Christmas dinners that will never be the norm. Let’s dig in!

1. Groundhog Day –– Bountiful Breakfast

When Bill Murray’s character finally realizes that he’s reliving the same day over and over, he starts having fun experimenting and taking chances. In one of film history’s best breakfast scenes, Murray slams down doughnuts, cakes, bacon and eggs, pancakes, and coffee, which he slurps straight from the jar because who cares.

2. Miracle on 34th Street –– Cookies and Milk

What’s more Christmas-y than Santa’s favorite midnight snack? Chocolate chip pastry and a glass of frosty milk will definitely restore the jolly big guy’s stamina, just like they did in the classic X-Mas movie Miracle on 34th Street.

3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation –– Just a Huge Turkey

First of all, who eats turkey for Christmas? Everyone knows that the big bird can only be consumed during Thanksgiving and the following few days. What we see in National Lampoon is a heresy! Big, juicy, delicious heresy! … I’d like some white meat, thank you.

4. Elf –– Spaghetti with Maple Syrup

Elf is Will Farrel’s best work to date and a true delight to rewatch during the festive season. And yet, that particular scene with him eating spaghetti doused with maple syrup makes me queasy every time.

5. Home Alone –– Cheese Pizza

Kevin McAllister is a weird kid, and that’s probably why he likes all-cheese pizza instead of the slew of better, more fun options. But that’s all right, he is just a kid, and his parents did leave him home alone once. All is forgiven, Kev.

6. A Charlie Brown Christmas –– Popcorn

Come on, Charlie Brown, you can’t eat popcorn on Christmas. Paraphrasing the legendary Chandler Bing, “could you be any more boring?” At least add some fries to the mix to get the good carbs.

7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas –– Roast Beast

That’s right, it’s a roast beast, not beef. What’s the difference? Honestly, we don’t know, and that’s what makes us so uneasy.

8. Home Alone 2 –– Unlimited Ice Cream

Who needs proper meals when you got full access to your dad’s credit card? Not Kevin, that’s for sure. One of the first things this genius does is order himself a whole mountain of ice cream sundae drizzles with chocolate.

9. Scrooged –– Chinese Noodles

You know what the old-school classic “Christmas Carol” needed? Chinese food. In the modern reimagining of this Dickensian story, the Ghost of Christmas Past takes Frank back to when he met Claire at a Chinese diner.

10. Love Actually –– Banoffee Pie

This world has plenty of delicious desserts, and banoffee is most definitely in the top-20. By combining banana and toffee, some mad culinary genius has unlocked a whole dimension of sweet experiences. Of and yeah, the movie was also nice.

11. It’s a Wonderful Life –– Mulled Wine

To be honest, mulled wine isn’t an uncommon drink during the cold months, but many people ignore its fragrant existence. In the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Clarence ordered this hot beverage with extra cinnamon to feel that Christmas spirit, but you can go easy on it. BTW, red mulled wine is far superior to white, just throwing it out there.