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11 Most Iconic Video Game Weapons


Even if you’re not a fan of shooting games, you’ve probably encountered some awesome weapons in your favorite RPG or quest. Here are the top 11 most iconic weapons from video games across several genres.



1. The Half-Life Crowbar
You’d think a regular red crowbar is the lamest thing in the world, but when Gordon Freeman holds it, it’s the coolest thing ever. You never wanted this to be the only weapon available in the game, but when you see one of these at your local Home Depot (or whatever the equivalent is where you live) you always pick it up and swing at an imaginary mutated monster. It’s the closest thing you’ll experience to Half-Life 3 in your lifetime.



2. The Master Sword in Zelda
Once you got the Master Sword in Zelda, you felt like you’ve finished the game. If you played your cards right, having this sword in Zelda would make the rest of the game a breeze. You fearlessly entered every castle, every cave, every enclave. You walked through monster-infested fields and chopped enemies with a smile on your face and the wind in your hair. It was like picking daisies.

3. The AK-47 in Counter Strike
Like, okay, I realize that the AK-47 has appeared in nearly every “real-life” based video game. It was there in Call of Duty, GTA Vice City and San Andreas, and hundreds of other games, but if you grew up when I grew up, the Counter Strike 1.5 version of this cult machine gun was the epitome of cool. I mean, I only played for the good side, but I’d pick out the one terrorist with an AK just to steal his weapon. That’s a lot of hoops to jump through, but it was worth every second.



4. The Flamethrower in Postal 2
I can’t think of a more pointless game than Postal. I feel like Goat Simulator has more of a storyline and message, but the fun of having a flamethrower in Postal is equivalent to none. The whole game is about trashing everything around you, and what better way to do that than to set everything on fire?

5. The BFG 9000 from DOOM
I swear, if you were a kid in the 90s, there were few things that could match the excitement and euphoria of finding one of these in Doom. One little stack of pixels could make you feel like you were the King of the World. You were unstoppable—a force to be reckoned with. This thing was so cool, it’s official name was Big “Friggin” Gun 9000.



6. The Harry Potter Wand
Drawing little symbols on your computer screen with a mouse is nothing like casting a real spell, but it felt so real in the cult Harry Potter games. I’m sure you still remember that first little swirl you drew to cast the “Flippendo” spell in professor Quirell’s class. Ah, the sweet, sweet memories. I’m surprised the developers haven’t made a Kinect version of the game. What I wouldn’t give to play Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone game swinging my hands around my living room like an idiot…

7. The F*ING Turtle Shell from Mario Cart
This is one of those weapons that isn’t exciting if you’re using it. Launching weapons and using special abilities in Mario Cart isn’t that exciting or memorable. HOWEVER, if one of these shells hit you while you’re seconds away from the finish line—you’ll remember forever. You used to be first. You used to have a best friend. But now? Now you’re furious and the friendship is obviously over.



8. The Mario Fireball
Remember when in the later versions of Mario, you’d get the mushroom, and then hit another box, see something come up… only for the stupid strawberry to come out? I hated that, and I’m sure you did too. Because everybody (every. single. person.) knew that the fire-ball flower was the thing you wanted to see. You wanted to blast those Gumbas off the screen with style, not fly over them like a coward.

The idea that a gun can help you teleport from point A to point B instantly is cool enough, but what makes this weapon truly special is that it’s only as powerful as you are clever. You can do whatever you want. You can walk past enemies without noticing them or you can knock them over and destroy them with a cleverly placed portal. Your imagination (and the availability of white surfaces) is your only limitation!



10. The Master Ball in Pokemon
“Gotta Catch ‘em All” is easier said than done. Catching “them all” is actually nearly impossible. First of all, there are the limitations of the game itself (certain Pokemon are only available in certain games), but also, some Pokemon are virtually impossible to catch with a regular Pokeball. But, with one of these—there are no limits. If you like the Pokemon—it’s yours! Just be careful to not accidentally use it on a Magikarp.

11. The Sheep in Worms Armageddon
Ever wanted to fly a sheep that blows up your enemies? I mean, probably not, but you CAN and it’s FUN!