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10 Upcoming DC/Marvel Movies That Maybe, Probably, Definitely Won’t Suck


What a time to be alive for those of us who love comic books, am I right? We get the best games, the wildest comic book crossovers, TV shows like the Flash and Agents of SHIELD, and, of course, the freaking blockbuster movies. With every year we get more and more movies, but are they all worth watching? I’d say yes, if you A) can afford the tickets and have some spare time; and B) you’re just happy to see your favorite characters come to life, interact with each other, and eventually become internet memes!


Either way, every now and then comes a comic book movie that becomes a taboo topic for years. Masterpieces like, “Daredevil” with Ben Affleck, “Green Lantern” with Ryan Reynolds, and the “Fant4stic” movies with Chris Evans, to name a few, are all widely considered to be unwatchable abominations. So now the question is, with the sharp increase in comic book movie titles, will we eventually get a truly crappy movie, or have the Hollywood folks finally perfected the money-making superhero formula?


Here are 10 DC/Marvel movies that have the potential to either be amazing, or suck. Let’s dig in!



Deadpool 2
After the huge success of the first Deadpool, the writers may get too confident with the script, which could potentially lead into a dangerous Adam Sandler-esque joke territory. Don’t get me wrong, I always hope for the best, but you gotta prepare mentally for the most anticipated movies to suck ass.
Seriously, though, Mr. Pool, if you’re reading this, we want you to cross your swords with Wolvie’s claws. That’s all we want. Well, that, and some gratuitous nudity.



Wonder Woman
Oh boy, where do I start with this one. Okay, first off, Wonder Woman is of course a part of the DCEU, so that’s already a big red flag, but wait, there’s more! “Wonder Woman” will be the first movie about a female superhero (no, “Elektra” and “Catwoman” don’t count), which may open a whole lot of cans with worms. I mean, people will always find something to b*tch about, that’s just their insecurities talking, but sometimes even a few voices are enough to spread the bad news.
Again, not saying it will definitely suck, but things can go wrong. And according to the Murphy’s law… You know the rest.

Captain Marvel
As a moderate fan of Carol Danvers in the comics, I don’t expect too much from this movie, but just like with Wonder Woman, the worms may be a-coming. Plus her origin story might be covered in the upcoming Avengers movie, so unless they send her into space to do space stuff, people may very well be disappointed.
Upcoming DC Marvel Movies



Honestly, the only feasible reason why the Aquaman would suck, is if the script was written by Zack Snyder. Would it look fantastic? Absolutely! But fancy CGI should accommodate the plot, not the other way around, as it happened in Batman vs Superman.

Ant man and the Wasp
Man, it’s hard to think of a good reason why this movie would fail, other than the director shenanigans. Although, in the end, even if Edgar Wright’s vision was a head above what we’ve got, the first Ant Man was still a huge hit, so the second movie can only go up!
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Justice League
One of the most anticipated movies of 2017, and it’s in the hands of a lunatic – Zack Snyder. I don’t know if it’s even physically possible to make a bad Justice League movie, especially with a cast this amazing, but I would not bet on Zack. He hurt us one too many times. Still, from what we’ve seen in the trailers, the JL looks to be just fine. Fingers crossed!

Thor: Ragnarok
For some reason, people didn’t like the first 2 Thor movies. I mean, I can sorta understand not liking the second one, but why do you hate on the first Thor? Eh, either way, Thor’s biggest problem right now is it needs to earn people’s trust again, and judging from the info we have so far, it will be crazy. Crazy good, or crazy bad? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Spider-man: Homecoming
Can you guess why I’m including the 3rd reboot of one of the best superheroes ever created? I just told you. Yes, it’s because SONY had no idea what to do with Spidey, that we’re FINALLY getting Peter Parker to play in the same sandbox as the freaking Avengers. I guess, thanks for screwing up the easiest hero ever, Sony? Anyway, after the new trailer dropped recently, I think I’m speaking for the majority of fans when I say “do not show us your entire freaking movie, Marvel!”



Gurdians of the Galaxy vol.2
Alright, I’ll level with you, GotG vol.2 will NOT suck. There is zero chance. I just wanted to show you this fantastic trailer again! Also, it’s only a month away, get hyped!

Avengers: Infinity War
This movie will reportedly include over 50 characters from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe: all the Avengers, all the Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Spider-man, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and probably even Agent Coulson! And that’s not to mention Thanos and his generals. This movie will either be so epic, that it will break every single box office record, or it will be a glorious f#cking mess, because of the sheer amount of characters presented. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!
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Let me know which movie you’re most hyped for (not necessarily from this list) in the comments!