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10 TV Series Stars You Won’t Recognize in Real Life


There are dozens of TV show characters that become immensely popular either due to their great looks, witty remarks or downright awful attitude. But we often forget that no matter how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ these characters are, people that portray them are actually quite different in real life. Some actors and actresses look as hot as they do on screen, others are more down to earth and demure. Yet there are those who are nothing like their on-screen personas. Here are 10 stars that are hard to recognize in real life.



Gwendoline Christie aka Brienne of Tarth (The Game of Thrones)
Brienne of Tarth is not maimed or disfigured like most of GoT’s characters, but she still undergoes quite an impressive transformation on screen. Her character teaches us a lot about beauty, especially if you get to see the actress who portrays her in real life. Brienne is a fierce warrior known for her fighting prowess and ‘ugliness’. Gwendoline, on the other hand, is a real beauty according to all imaginable standards. Plus her using makeup in real life is a great contrast to Brienne’s worn-out makeup-less face.



Taryn Manning aka Pennsatucky (Orange is the New Black)
What happens when the former crack addict Tiffany Pennsatucky Dogget gets out of her prison attire and dons a pretty dress (and pretty teeth)? Well, magic happens, that’s what. Taryn Manning plays the character of Tiffany, who has been through a lot, including rape, abortions, drug addiction and a pretty hardcore childhood to top all that. In real life Taryn Manning is nothing like that – she’s a stunning lady with a gorgeous smile.

Jason Momoa aka Khal Drogo (The Game of Thrones)
It’s hard to deny the fact that Jason Momoa was an ideal fit for the role of Khal Drogo. He’s fierce, muscular and incredibly handsome – what else would you expect from a Dothraki warlord? In real life, Jason Momoa is equally impressive. He rocks long hair (probably because he keeps on landing warrior-inspired roles) and is a tall and handsome guy. He doesn’t use the eyeliner, although, we must admit, it looks good on him.



Travis Fimmel aka Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)
In the Vikings series Travil Fimmel portrays the character of Ragnar Lothbrok, a warrior who uses his intellect as ruthlessly as he uses his sword. Ragnar is a fierce man who is committed to his children and his cause, whatever that is. He’s also a survivor and an extraordinary man who seems to be close to the Norse Gods themselves! Travis Fimmel is from Australia and doesn’t really look like a Viking in real life. Yet he likes outdoor activities like riding horses and hiking in the wilderness. He’s not really keen on fighting, though.

Lauren Socha aka Kelly Bailey (Misfits)
The Misfits series have been a great hit just a few years ago. Lauren Socha plays Kelly, one of the few delinquents who acquired a bunch of superpowers and started using them immediately. While others rocked invisibility and immortality, Ketty found out she could listen to people’s thoughts. Of course, the actress can’t do anything like that in real life, and she looks much more elegant than her Misfits persona.



Naomi Grossman aka Pepper (American Horror Story: Freak Show)
The name of the show is pretty self-explanatory, yet Naomi Grossman’s transformation is still impressive. How can you take an absolutely gorgeous-looking woman and turn her into a freaky-looking weirdo? This is the horrifying magic of special effects makeup and crazy styling. Creepy Pepper, created by the evil genius of Ryan Murphy, is actually an easy-going fun-loving actress, who considers herself a comedian. Naomi remembers her first days on set, when no one could even make eye-contact with her – she was just so freaky in all the makeup!

Uzo Aduba aka Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ Warren (Orange is the New Black)
The show’s Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ Warren has gained millions of fans with her bizarre personality and sardonic remarks. She’s somewhat obsessive about the main lead and follows the new blonde girl around. In real life Uzo Aduba oozes glamour and style as she walks down the Red Carpet. She’s so different from her on-screen persona, that she even got an Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress.



Johnny Galecki aka Leonard Hofstadter (The Big Bang Theory)
Leonard is a loveable kind of nerd that has gotten millions of fans all over the world once the show hit the screens. He’s funny, weird, and incredibly witty. Although he’s not as socially awkward as his roommate, he’s still a geek. In real life Johnny Galecki is a fun-loving easy-going person who is great to be around. And he’s much hotter than Leonard in a manly way.

Jai Courtney aka Varro (Spartacus)
Jai Courtney plays Varro in Spartacus: Blood and Sand. He is one of the kinder men from the whole team as he became a gladiator by his own choice. He needed to pay off a debt, so he decided to fight instead of run and hide. His appearance is friendly and open. In real life Jai Courtney definitely wears more clothing and doesn’t run around half-naked swinging a sword. Which is a pity, actually.



Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven (Stranger Things)
This new sci-fi thriller show has become incredibly popular the moment it hit the screens. Even Stephen King, the King of Horror himself, praised it for the amazing plot and characters. Eleven, portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown, is one of the key characters in the suspense plot filled with mysterious disappearances and kids possessing weird powers. In the show she looks like a kid that escaped a secret laboratory where she was experimented on (which is true). But in real life? She’s the most gorgeous girl ever!