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10 Supermodels Whose Kids Prove Beauty Runs In The Family


How often do you look at gorgeous celeb couples and think whether they will have kids just as beautiful? Well, even if you don’t, I do it quite regularly and let me tell you that more often than not they do have kids and those babies end up turning into pretty stunning human beings. Yep, I’m talking about beauty here and it’s simply delightful to see stunning celeb women having kids who are even more beautiful. Is there some wonderful beauty gene these children get from their mothers? I really don’t know, but judging from these photos that seems to be the case! Here are 10 celebrity bombshells whose kids prove beauty runs in the family.

Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel is a world known model and one of the breathtaking Victoria’s Secret Angels who grace the stages of VS shows with their beautiful presence. She’s been an Angel since 2010, but long before that she met the father of her 2 gorgeous sons – model Hermann Nicoli. They’ve been together for 12 years, but never married. The kids, Anaca and Ariel, look stunning though!

Candice Swanepoel | Brain Berries

Irina Shayk

Meet Lea de Seine, a gorgeous little angel who arrived into the Shayk-Cooper family back in 2017. Unfortunately, the celebs couldn’t stomach each other for much longer and the couple broke up this June. As sad as it may be, I’m looking forward to this baby growing up into a stunning woman!

Irina Shayk  | Brain Berries

Natalia Vodianova

Looking at this staggering woman can you believe that she’s the mother of not one, not two, but five kids? Yep, you heard that right. She’s 37, she’s known all across the globe, and has three kids from the first marriage (Victor, Lucas Alexandr, and Neva) and two kids from the second one (Maxim and Roman). They all look beyond cute, so I’m kind of hoping she won’t stop at just five kids!

Natalia Vodianova | Brain Berries

Cindy Crawford

Meet Kaia and Presley Gerber, kids of the incredibly beautiful Cindy Crawford. She was big in the 90s and it seems her kids are about to get just as big in the 2020s! Both Kaia and Presley inherited not only their mother’s stunning looks, but also their father’s charm (he was also a model in the past). Their popularity grows as we speak with more and more leading brands offering them contracts and photoshoots.

Cindy Crawford | Brain Berries

Karolína Kurková

Karolína Kurková got the status of the hottest blonde back in 2007 and things went on pretty smoothly after that. She became the most well-paid model in the industry, did around 40 Vogue covers, and found the love of her life, producer Archie Drury. The two are happily married and are raising two boys – Tobian Jack and Noah Lee.

Karolína Kurková | Brain Berries

Kate Moss

The daughter of Kate Moss looks like a real fashion superstar, and she’s working hard to actually become one! Her amazing looks are becoming more and more recognized by big brands all over the world and she even became the face of a cosmetic line run by Marc Jacobs. She’s also graced the covers of a few fashion magazines, so I’m expecting to see more of her.

 Kate Moss | Brain Berries

Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger’s daughter seems to be the spitting image of her super famous mom. Ireland Baldwin really wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a model – that’s what she’s trying to do her whole life! She’s carrying a bit of extra weight and many see that as an obstacle to become big in the fashion industry, but she’s pursuing her dream nonetheless. Ireland is not ashamed of her body and we can clearly see that on her Instagram page.

Kim Basinger | Brain Berries

Alessandra Ambrósio

Alessandra Ambrósio’s beauty seems to be out of this world. Is this woman even real? Victoria’s Secret probably thought the same when they made her one of their spectacular Angels. Alessandra passed her Polish-Italian gorgeousness onto her kids – two sweet daughters Anya and Noah. They look beyond cute!

Alessandra Ambrósio | Brain Berries

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum’s face is recognized all over the world. Not only she’s been a successful model for decades, she’s also hosted a number of TV shows, gracing us with her beautiful presence. Her oldest daughter’s name is Helene Boshoven and she was adopted by Sean when Heidi Klum broke up with the girl’s biological father. She’s grown up to be as fabulous as her mother!

Heidi Klum | Brain Berries

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham, former Posh Spice from the 90s hit band Spice Girls, is still one of the most fashionable celebrity ladies out there. Her looks are just incredible, don’t you agree? Victoria and David Beckham are obviously a match made in heaven – their wonderful kids are proof of that. Just look at these handsome boys!