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10 Savage Things To Expect In The New Season Of Game Of Thrones


Some might believe that it’s summer outside, but for GoT fans winter is finally on our doorstep. Rumors about the 7th season of Game of Thrones have been buzzing around for months, having fans come up with the most exquisite power play schemes and intricate intrigues worthy of George R.R. Martin himself. While the 6th season went out with a bang, it’s only natural to presume that the next one is about to get even more savage, brutal and unexpected in all aspects. How many of our favorite characters will lose their lives and which of them will thrive? Will Dany get onto the Iron Throne and what role will Jon play in all of this? Here are 10 savage things we are likely to see this season.



Arya gets busy with her list
Arya is no stranger to hard work and can get quite passionate about things, especially when they involve ticking some names off her ‘To Kill’ list. We’ve clearly seen it in the first episode that she would go to great lengths to make the people that hurt her family regret everything they’ve done to House Stark. She’s already killed Walder Frey in her very own version of Red Wedding and is about to kill some more. Her trip to Winterfell might become a welcome delay for her savage plans, but who knows, maybe she’ll join the Brotherhood Without Banners while she’s on her way home? After all, the Hound is on her list, too.



Jon Snow and Daenerys finally meet
These two have been a ship that sailed itself for a long time. Of course, now that we have reasons to believe that Dany is actually Jon’s aunt (ouch!) it’s become harder for Jon and Daenerys shippers to want them actually to be together. But it’s too soon to cross them off of the GoT couples list! They are meant to be together one way or another and just as episode 2 of season 7 suggests, we’re about to see the legendary meet-up of the Mother of Dragons and the King in the North. We are hoping to see a partnership being born out of sheer need for support in the upcoming war against winter. Jon desperately needs Dany’s dragons and Daenerys will benefit greatly if the whole North supports her claim to the Iron Throne. It’s a win-win for both of them!

Gendry returns
We’ve been waiting for Gendry’s return for quite some time now. Everything points to the return of the last Baratheon as he is one of the jokers that could totally change the course of the game. Joe Dempsie, the actor portraying Gendry in the 3rd season of GoT, was spotted in Belfast during the shooting time of the show. George R.R. Martin also confirmed that Arya and Gendry will meet with each other again in the books, so there’s a high chance of them reuniting on the show as well. It also seems that Arya’s character is in desperate need of a friend while she hasn’t completely turned into a killing machine. In the 3rd season she called Gendry her family, so we can only hope that the two meet soon enough.



Sansa and Jon get into a fight
With a little help of her ‘friend’ Littlefinger, Sansa Stark has developed a taste of power of her own. Jon and Sansa’s warm reunion at Castle Black almost brought tears to our eyes because, well, finally a girl can rest a bit from all the violence and intrigues, and enjoy some peace at her brother’s side. Yet Littlefinger, who helped Jon during the Battle of the Bastards only for Sansa’s sake, is planning on taking over the Iron Throne himself – with Sansa becoming his one and only queen. This means that Jon, being the King in the North and all, is a hindrance to him and he will do anything to get rid of the man. Now that Jon went to meet with Dany, leaving Sansa to rule the North as the only Stark that’s still alive (according to his info) she might decide she’s actually better at this game of ruling and politics. We just hope they will sort it out eventually for the greater good of the North.

Kings Landing goes up in flames
We’ve already seen the Kings Landing burn once or twice and with Cersei’s depositories of highly flammable Wildfire hidden beneath the city grounds, it’s only a matter of time before we see everything go up in flames once more. There have already been some predictions of the city getting blown up: Bran has seen it in his visions both in Season 3 and Season 6, while Daenerys also had a vision of her own in the House of the Undying where she saw a burnt throne room. If Dany attacks the city with her dragons, a small spark of their fire could ignite a huge green-tinted explosion that would destroy all of Kings Landing.



Sam makes a breakthrough of his own
Arya got to study at the ‘Assassin School’ and Bran got his very own kind of warg education at the ‘Weirwood Uni’, so it’s time for Samwell Tarly to get his scholarship degree as well. It seems the Citadel library is holding the keys to most of this world’s problems (at least it can offer more than a few ways to fight the Army of the Dead), but the maesters aren’t too eager to share that knowledge. Sam will probably find out there’s an anti-magic conspiracy of maesters in Westeros and it might have something to do with all the dragons dying out. But we know how brave (and sneaky!) young Tarly can be, so he should get all the knowledge he needs not only about dragonglass and where to find it, but also about obsidian candles that should make communication a whole lot easier.

Jaqen H’ghar returns
The Assassin’s Club run by the Faceless Men is something we don’t know much about with them being all secretive and all. What we do know, though, is that they get all kinds of killing orders, some of them small like actresses, insurance agents, and the likes killed by Arya during her ‘training’, and bigger ones that may involve assassinations of kings, queens and everyone that may be considered a threat to this realm. Jaqen H’ghar, Arya’s Faceless mentor, is probably lurking somewhere around the people of power, waiting for his kill. He probably doesn’t look and sound like Jaqen H’ghar we’ve all seen before, but he’s bound to come back, that’s for sure!

Cersei and Jaime break it up
Cersei and Jaime Lannister have both had some major character development during the last few seasons. In the books Jaime discovers Cersei’s affair with Lancel Lannister, their cousin, and it kind of hits him hard. He doesn’t seem to have this knowledge on the TV show yet, but with Cersei doing the walk of shame for that very affair it is kind of obvious and Jaime probably already knows about it (or has his guesses). Her mass murder with wildfire will probably become a deal breaker for the two as Cersei is becoming more and more like the Mad King, the insane Targaryen that Jaime killed to prevent the very same act of violence. Although Jaime still keeps up his pretenses, we can already see that he does not approve of her methods and something is coming up.



Jon finds out who he is
While the whole world knows that Jon is no bastard, but the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, Jon Snow still knows nothing. Of course, Ned Stark knew it, but right now Bran seems to be the only bearer of that knowledge as his mind travelled back in time and he saw those events himself. Jon still believes he’s Ned’s son and a Stark bastard, but he’s bound to meet Bran sooner or later. And while they both are still in the North, maybe two brothers will actually get together and the truth will be revealed once and for all. And after that, who knows, maybe he’ll decide he could claim the Iron Throne himself? Or he will become even more intent on battling the White Walkers as he could become the ruler of literally all Westeros, both North and South. We’ll have to wait and see!

The Wall cracks
All characters and the events described in Game of Thrones have been carefully guided to this one exact point in time. The Wall is bound to fall, there’s no doubting that, otherwise the Night’s King wouldn’t be so intent on getting his army south. Bran might play the key role in breaking the wall as he’s not only a powerful warg that can help fight the White Walkers, but is also the one who received a mark of the Night’s King that acts as a kind of a tracking device and a key to undo protecting spells like the one in the Three-Eyed Raven’s cave. Now that Bran has successfully come through the Wall, maybe the spells protecting it are already gone? And soon the Army of the Dead will flood the South with all its politics and fight for the Iron Throne.