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10 Reasons We Will Seriously Miss Carrie Fisher


The end of this year has been tough on everyone, including some of our beloved celebrities who passed away, suddenly leaving millions of fans in mourning. When news broke about Carrie Fisher’s heart attack, we just couldn’t believe our ears. We will miss her tremendously, but in times like this it’s important to celebrate her life, work and incredible personality that made millions of people all over the world love her from the bottom of their hearts. Here are 10 reasons why we will seriously miss Carrie Fisher.



Two words: Star Wars
Carrie Fisher’s portrayal of Princess Leia will be remembered forever. The Star Wars franchise has become somewhat legendary over the years with all of its incredible worlds, dashing villains and staggering heroes. Many of us fell in love with Princess Leia when we were kids, realizing many years later that she was also an incredible actress who made the character truly stand out. She will always be remembered as the smart and gorgeous Princess Leia, the owner of our hearts.

Her feminism
Carrie Fisher was a feminist long before it became a trend in Hollywood. She often talked about her iconic Star Wars role and how important it was for girls all over the world to see such a powerful female character in an all-boys fantasy Universe. We really admire Princess Leia for her bravery, intellect, and great looks among other traits.

Her great sense of humor
Not many fans know it, but Carrie Fisher was an incredibly funny lady. Many people refer to her 2015 interview – she’s so incredibly funny and real in that interview! Her tweets and her dog’s IG were also hilarious and will be missed.



Her mental health advocacy
Many of us weren’t aware that Carrie Fisher had bipolar disorder and suffered from it all her life. Nevertheless, this condition never got the best of her and she managed to live a full and active life, and have a successful acting career. She did not drop out of society, and continued to pursue her dreams and goals. She’s a truly inspiring and motivating person who did not only reveal her condition to the world, but also made it her goal to help others fight it and get back to living their normal lives.

All the surprises
Not many of us realized that Billie Lourd was actually Carrie Fisher’s daughter! She plays one of the Chanels on Scream Queens, a fun new horror-comedy show directed by Ryan Murphy. It’s completely natural for a girl to follow in her mother’s footsteps, but still we had no idea! Carrie Fisher always had some surprises hidden up her sleeves. Like the fact that she actually did date Harrison Ford during the filming of Star Wars. What else don’t we know about this amazing woman?



Her incredible love stories
Carrie Fisher was part of some really epic love stories and unlike most celebrities, loved to talk about them. She was married to the famous Paul Simon (although for no more than 10 months, but still) and even dated Harrison Ford! We all like a good movie-esque love story because we all wish for our celebs to live as happily off-screen as they do on-screen. And while it’s not always the case, they certainly have a flare for the dramatic when it comes to relationships. Carrie Fisher was a stand-up woman and we loved listening to the details of her incredible romances!

Her take on life and death
In one interview not so long ago Carrie Fisher was asked whether she was afraid of death. She said ‘no’, but then continued explaining that what she did fear was dying, especially in pain. She had been there for a few of her friends and it didn’t look like much fun. She just wanted someone to be there for her when the time came. It’s incredibly sad to read all that now that she’s gone!



Her strength
It comes as no surprise that Carrie Fisher was a really strong woman both on screen and in real life. After all, she couldn’t have played Princess Leia so well if she herself wasn’t just as brave and strong as her character. Carrie Fisher was also very honest about her life and what it meant being in the spotlight all the time. We love reading all her interviews because she had such a way with words. She gave incredible advice to all her fans because she was a truly wise and beautiful human being inside and out.

Her privacy
We hadn’t heard much from Carrie Fisher during the last few years. As hard as it may be to ditch Hollywood even for a little while, Carrie Fisher managed to do just that and we respected her for that decision. We had no idea what she was up to next – maybe a new movie with a spectacular role? Yet Carrie never disappeared completely and was still talking to her fans, which was a perfect balance between privacy and an active social life. She was great about maintaining balance like that!



Her originality
Carrie Fisher was a unique human being and a very non-typical Hollywood actress that kept on surprising us throughout the years. She was one of the most honest actresses we’ve ever seen, and was really kind to all her fans. She struggled a lot and was far from perfect, but that’s exactly what made her so special. She shared her good and bad times with the public and we are honored to have known this vivacious woman both on screen and in real life.