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10 Must-Watch Upcoming Shows of this Fall


Fall is the perfect time to get on Netflix and chill with your favorite TV show. What‘s that you‘re saying? Your favorite show has been canceled or finished airing? In that case I got you covered! It’s time to watch some all-new, all-different television. I am personally super excited about all of these, but that’s because I’m weird like that. If you haven’t found a show on this list you’d like to start watching right away, don’t worry, there are dozens of other series premiering this fall/winter, not to mention seasons 2 and beyond. I literally have barely any time to write this article because I’m binge-watching Rick and Morty again! Anyway, let’s get to the point.



Supergirl (CBS, Oct.26)
Most likely 99.9% of you know about Superman, what he can do, where he’s from and maybe some of you have even heard of his lil’ cousin Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl. Basically, she has the same powers as Superman but can’t quite control them, so we’ll see her get more powerful with each enemy she defeats. If you’re a fan of “Arrow” and the “Flash”, like I am, you should know that “Supergirl” is being produced by the same guy as those 2 – Greg Berlanti. And even if you’re new to the world of super-powered beings on TV, just look at Melissa Benoist’s heart-warming smile!

Blindspot (NBC, Sep.21)
This show’s already premiered and the few episodes I’ve seen so far are extremely good in terms of plot revelations and action. Somebody somehow inks Jaimie Alexander’s (aka Lady Sif, BTW) entire body with cryptic messages and a special team slowly but surely unravels the conspiracies hidden in those texts and symbols. The plot thickens with every episode, as she tries to figure out the answers to countless who’s, how’s, and why’s, while suffering from amnesia, no less.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones (Netflix, Oct.20)
Jessica Jones in a character from the Marvel comics but if you think of her as yet another generic, flying, super-strong hero, you could not be any more wrong. Let’s just say, if you thought Daredevil was gritty and dark, Jessica Jones will open some seriously disturbing doors. We’re talking unrated mind control, people! And yes, Daredevil, the Avengers, Iron Man and now Jessica Jones are all parts of the same continuity, which makes these Netflix shows even better, in my opinion.

Dr. Ken (ABC, Oct.2)
You may remember Ken Jeong from the Community series and if you do, you know this comedy will be gold. He’s a great doctor but he frequently screws things up with his wife, who, luckily for Ken, is a therapist. If it’s a witty, sarcastic comedy you’re looking for – look no further!

Heroes Reborn (NBC, Sep.24)
As a long-time Heroes fan, I had to include “Heroes Reborn” even though, technically, it’s a continuation of the “Heroes” series. Right off the bat, if you couldn’t get into the old show, you can skip Heroes Reborn and go to the next point on my list. However, if you did enjoy the intertwined shenanigans of the super-powered Evos, this is a must-see, even if it’s just to finish the story.

Limitless (CBS, Sep.22)
A brand new spin-off series of the 2011 movie “Limitless”, where Bradley Cooper’s character happened upon some really mind-altering drug NZT, which helped him become a mayor or at least run for that post, as far as I remember. The show picks up some time after the events of the movie, where Brian Sinclair discovers the power of NZT but is coerced into using his new abilities to solve cases for the FBI. It’s a pretty damn good cop drama/sci-fi series, if you ask me.

Lucifer (Fox, Jan. 2016)
I know, I know, it’s not a fall show, sue me. Or better yet, read up on the Lucifer comics! Yes, it’s another comic book TV show but this time things get crazy in Hell, when the Lightbringer aka Lucifer decides to go travel the world and have a pint or two. He’s got immortality, mad hypno skills and he’s also a good guy who actually cares for people. He’ll be teaming up with a hot LAPD detective to solve tough cases and wreak havoc until Heaven (or Hell) catches up to him. It’s a ton of fun, trust me.

Minority Report (Fox)
Yet another movie spinoff! 10 years after Tom Cruise saved a pre-cog Agatha and her siblings from being living, breathing murder detectors, we meet another pre-cog Dash, who’s just trying to blend in with the normies. Dash still has the ability to see future crimes but can’t pin-point them. Lucky for him a nice detective lady is ready to give his abilities a shot without disclosing his identity to the world.

The Muppets (ABC, Sep.22)
This time the Muppets are back and they’re not for kids. This series will focus more on Kermit, Miss Piggy and their working environment in the entertainment business. It has the charm of the 90’s and is very up-to-date with what’s important for adults: sex, money and booze. It’s not an R-rated show, of course, but it’s as close as we’ll ever get!

Quantico (ABC, Sep.27)
After watching the first few episodes, I can tell you it’s gonna be a hit. The show is about the FBI training facility – Quantico, where we follow numerous trainees. They train together, live together but then suddenly we fast forward a few months to Priyanka Chopra’s character being accused of blowing up half a block and shooting one of her fellow FBI agents. Did she really do it? If not, who did? And why? Find out next time on Dragonball Z… I meant, on “Quantico”.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (CW, TBA)
And finally my most anticipated show (although it should premiere in winter) – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Wow, I could easily write a full-fledged article about how amazing this show will be, but I gotta keep it short. And so, from the producers of Arrow, Flash and now Supergirl, comes the greatest comic book TV show we’ve seen so far. To prevent a disastrous future from happening, a group of superheroes, assembled by Rip Hunter, will travel back in time to fight Nazis and beat the crap out of an immortal jerk Vandal Savage. On this team we have the Flash, the Atom, White Canary, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Hawk Girl and Firestorm. All of them fighting giant Nazi robots and maybe even Hitler, who knows. Sounds kinda silly until you realize how fantastic it actually is!



Let me know which shows from my list you’re going to watch and throw in a few of your own while you’re at it!