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10 “Harry Potter” Stars Who Migrated to the “Game of Thrones”


The “Game of Thrones” series became a real phenomenon and gained insane popularity after pretty much airing the first episode. In quite a few ways it can be compared to the saga of “Harry Potter”, if you squint your eyes really hard. Both stories unfold in a world filled with magic, dragons and, of course, the fight against evil.
In every other aspect these two franchises are completely different, but there is still another common feature that unites them – it’s the actors. Would you believe that some of the “Game of Thrones” actors used to be in the “Harry Potter” movies? It was rather hard for the viewers to notice some of these stars at first, but eventually, the collective mind of the Internet uncovered them all.
Here are the 10 Harry Potter stars who migrated to the Game of Thrones!
1. Natalia Tena
The coolest wildling Osha, who served the Starks, was also Nymphadora Tonks in the Order of the Phoenix.

2. Edward Tudor-Pole
In Harry Potter Ed played a wizard co-owner of a shop on Knockturn Alley and several years later we saw him among the King’s Landing citizens.


3. Ciarán Hinds
After playing the younger brother of Albus Dumbledore, Ciarán stepped up his game and performed the role of Mance Rayder, the leader of the Free Folk who lived in North of the Wall.

4. David Bradley
Some may know this man as Argus Filch, a caretaker of Hogwarts, but thousands more will recognize him as Walder Frey of House Frey. Everyone saw the Red Wedding, right?

5. Jim Broadbent
On Harry Potter he’s Horace Slughorn, a professor at Hogwarts, while in Westeros he’s Ebrose an archmaester of the Citadel.


6. Freddie Stroma
From the no-good Gryffindor student Cormac McLaggen, Freddie did a good job portraying Dickon Tarly in season 6.

7. Nicholas Blane
You probably don’t remember Bob from the Ministry of Magic, but that was Blane. He also played the Spice King on Game of Thrones!

8. Sally Mortemore
If you entered the Hogwarts library, you’d probably meet Irma Pince, but a few years later, when the times got rough, you’d see her as a Braavos citizen on GoT.


9. Michelle Fairley
After portraying the mother of Hermione, Michelle switched to playing Catelyn Stark, the Lady of Winterfell. It sucks that we’re not getting her revived character – Lady Stoneheart.