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10 Best On-Screen Bromances Of All Time


Two dudes, two bros, two kindred souls! Nothing’s stronger than a good old-fashioned bromance. They might argue and call each other names, but at the end of the day, they’ve always got each other’s back. And here are some of the best on-screen bromances of all time.



Turk and J.D., “Scrubs”
A true bromance from one of the funniest comedy series of all time, with JD and Turk singing songs about each other, and calling each other “Vanilla Bear” and “Chocolate Bear.” What’s more “bromance” than that?

Joey and Chandler, “Friends”
How can you not bromanticize their relationship when they’ve been living together for years? And than one episode with the birds inside the football table pretty much seals the deal.

Troy and Abed, “Community”
If you don’t have “Troy and Abed in the morning!” jingle stuck in your head after reading this subtitle, you probably have not watched the “Community”. And to that all I can say is – your loss!



Harry and Lloyd, “Dumb & Dumber”
Wait, which one’s dub and which one’s dumber? Well, if you can’t tell the difference, it’s a good sign of a great bromance.

Stan and Kyle, “South Park”
Who said bromances have to be live action? These two friends from “South Park” have been through a lot of extremely memorable and hilariously inappropriate adventures.



Kirk and Spock, “Star Trek”
I bet you anything that there’s like a million rule 34 pics with captain Kirk and Spock. Go on, check it, I’ll wait.

Dean and Castiel, “Supernatural”
A truly supernatural bromance! How did the demon hunter and an actual angel get together? Who knows, I ain’t got the time to rewatch the old seasons of Supernatural.



Shawn and Gus, “Psych”
One’s playing a psychic, the other one’s in on it and is the comedy relief. Now guess which one’s which! Oh, and, this reminds me, I need to finish “Psych.”

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, “Sherlock Holmes”
Of course, I’m talking about Doctor Strange and Everett Ross… I mean Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, are probably one of the most iconic bromances of all time. Solving crimes, being awesome, oh, and, by the way, don’t forget to catch the new season of Sherlock on 1/1/17!



Murtaugh and Riggs, “Lethal Weapon”
“I’m too old for this shit” – the iconic phrase from ALL of the “Lethal Weapon” movies, starting all the way from the 80’s. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as your typical, yet unpredictable, detectives makes is the bromance we’ve always wanted. You have the action, the comedy, and the awkward “dating the wrong daughter” situations. 10/10!