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10 Awesome Moments From The Premiere of the Game of Thrones (Spoilers, Obviously)



It’s here… The final eighth season of the most gut-wrenching, blood-spilling, sibling-loving TV phenomenon, called the Game of Thrones, is freaking here! We’ve been waiting for this last batch of episodes for over 18 months, and now that the wait is over (well, sort of), we can start discussing all the nitty-gritty details one episode at a time.


Even after almost an hour of content, it feels like we’re barely moving through the story. The White Walkers are still heading South, Sansa still pretends she knows what she’s doing, and Cersei is still an enormous C-word. But still, we did get a lot of juicy development in this one!


Here are 10 awesome moments from the premiere of the final season of the Game of Thrones!



1. Mommy, daddy and their 2 dragons
Did anyone else get the “How to Train Your Dragon” vibe from that scene with Jon, Dany, and her flying death machines? Rhaegal seems to really like Jon now, so they’re gonna be a big happy family, right? RIGHT?


2. Greyjoys are gonna save everyone, probably
I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling the Greyjoys will play a pivotal role in the finale but for now Theon finally saves his sister and gets a well-deserved headbutt. Instead of going with Yara he chooses to help Sansa, Jon and other Starks in Winterfell. Do you think he’ll get a chance to redeem himself?



3. Sam Tarly is one unlucky guy
Poor-poor Samwell. Right after blushing like a little girl in front of Queen Daenerys, he got hit by, he got struck by the truth about his dad. Tarly Senior and Sam’s brothers were all killed by Daenerys’ dragons and now he hates her face. Even though his father was a frickhead who couldn’t care less about Sammy boy. Just let it go!


4. Jon is a Targaryen
What a surprise! A true shocker! Well, it would have been, if the internet hadn’t solved this mystery like 10 years ago. But hey, it’s official now, at least. I wonder how Jon’s taking it… Oof, that’s gonna keep him up at night or a while!

5. No elephants!
This is some next-level trolling from the writers, it has to be! Why would Cersei want war elephants to fight in the North? Is this just throwing shade at “Dumbo” or is she stupid? This has to some foreshadowing, I’ll bet my rotten liver on it!


6. Bronn’s mission
After (or was it before) snacking on Euron, Cersei gave Bronn a cool-looking crossbow and told him to travel North to Winterfell and kill off both Jaime and Tyrion with it. This is a pretty stupid plan. I’m starting to suspect she’s gone full-cuckoo…



7. Arya’s secret weapon
Nobody knows what that thing is, but there is “dragonglass” scribbled under it, and it’s supposed to be detachable. Is it a knife-gun to kill the undead dragons? Could be!


8. Blue eyes!
Not much of a plot point here, I just really love that scene with Tormund.
“Watch out, he’s got blue eyes!”
“I’ve always had blue eyes!”

Mwah! Perfection.


9. That (un)dead spiral thing on the wall
While scouting the Last Hearth, Tormund and the bunch happened upon a grotesque spiral made out of limbs and body parts, with young Ned Umber pinned to the wall in the middle. What the hell are those spirals for and how does the Night King set them up?



10. Bran and the Kingslayer
And the final moment is Bran’s and his “old friend” Jaime’s eyes meeting. That 2-second look could’ve meant anything! Is Bran still mad at Jaime? Did he see the Kingslayer’s role in the upcoming final battle? Will he warn him about his death? Will Jaime ask “did it hurt”? Oh man, so many questions!