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What Your Favorite Weather Type Says About You


What’s the most popular question millions of people ask Google every single day? It is, of course, the “weather forecast” for tomorrow or the weekend. Weather gets the last say in many situations like picnics, field trips, or just deciding if we will be going outside tomorrow. But making plans for the weekend and choosing appropriate clothes aren’t the only things the weather can determine. Have you ever wondered what your favorite weather says about you? Time to find out!

1) Windy as Heck

If you’re a wind person, you’re basically like Aang from the Avatar. You were born to deal with difficulties and all kinds of obstacles. But keep in mind that a human’s body is not very aerodynamic, so you’ll probably be causing even more problems for yourself. Were you this kid in school who had to prove to others that they were worthy of everyone’s attention? You love overcoming obstacles you created yourself, like dragging out the deadline for your papers till the very last moment and celebrating “making it” just in time. Yeah, that’s you.

2) Sweaty Summer Heat

There are only two kinds of people who like heat: carefree sun-bathers and literal lizards. Since lizards generally don’t read our articles, I’m willing to assume you’re the former kind. You love to bask in the sun, not only on the seashore but also in life in general. You must be the kind of person who doesn’t like to solve problems, instead, stashing them for the future you to figure out. You’ll do it when you’ll do it — that’s your life’s motto. 

3) Nice and Warm

If you prefer comfortable, warm weather, then you’re very boring. You don’t like sudden changes or surprises, and you’re very dependent on how the people around you behave. You prefer quiet comfort and want everyone to feel the same, but that’s not how the world works. Sometimes your friends don’t need your umbrella, so stop hovering it over their heads. Come on, live a little!

4) Windshield-Smashing Hail

I’ve never heard anyone actually liking hail, but if you’re one of those people, you must be getting the satisfaction from seeing things get smashed. This could only mean that you love deconstructing other people and their secrets. If someone has something to hide, you’re on the case! Not a single flaw or clue can be hidden from hail lovers.

5) Sun Is Shining (but not too much)!

Moderate sun fans are usually cheerful and active people who depend on what others think of them. They know how to impress people, but still, deep down, they feel insecure. Sometimes their desires are put on the back-burner to try and please other people. It is super important for these people to get praised, so. If you meet one of them, just throw them a compliment.

Young couple with bicycle walking in park on sunny autumn day.

6) Cloudy with a Chance of More Clouds

Darkness and gloom seem to surround you as if you are the cloudy weather incarnate. However, in reality, you’re just not that emotional in general. You speak when you need to and do what has to be done. Being a practical person, planning is your forte, and you love making lists. And everyone around you thinks you are a very responsible and reasonable person, but your taste in weather is a bit strange.

7) Soaking Downpour

People who enjoy heavy rain hate banal, predictable things. They enjoy a hectic, eventful life where decisions are made in a split second. But once they’ve had their dose of dopamine, they will eventually return to their usual routine, going from a rebel to a law-abiding citizen in an instant.

8) Itty-Bitty Rain

Many people like to think that rain lovers live in a fantasy world, but that’s not always the case. If your favorite weather is a light drizzle, you are probably known for setting achievable goals and making your dreams come true. You are the initiative-person but also have gentle and romantic sides.

9) Staying Frosty

Flip-flops in winter? A light shirt in November? You’re a rebel, man! You prefer to go against the grain and question authorities because you know how the world works. Sometimes you like to live in the past and not think about tomorrow. But if a tricky situation ends badly for you, you’ll take all those fails into account and factor them in next time the opportunity presents itself.