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What Really Happened Between Prince Harry and Prince William?


Did you know that two princes were angry at each other? Of course, you didn’t, because there are bigger issues in the world right now. But hey, maybe you’re just trying to catch up with all that royal drama, so here’s what happened.

Harry and Willam, Princess Diana’s sons, have grown apart after years of doing whatever they wanted. Both got married, both marriages were quite controversial, and both of the Princes tried to dominate the yellow press.

The tension between the two royals has been growing long before Meghan Markle appeared. According to certain sources, their feud started with Harry’s military service in the army, which became the real reason for years of discord between the two brothers. Prince Harry even said that ten years in the army made him much more normal than his family wants to believe.

Harry admitted that after he returned from the army in 2015, his royal life didn’t fit him as well as it used to. He even considered taking up an actual job instead of living off his family name.

One of the sources noted that Harry didn’t like being overshadowed by William all the time. He always wanted to be needed by the family and looked for confirmation, but found only evidence to the contrary. He should have probably stayed in the army. But that’s just one side of the story.

Prince William has allegedly said some really things about his little brother and kept reminding him which of them was destined to become king. Just brother dicking around, you say? Maybe, or it could be that William had issues with Harry but couldn’t openly admit them, so these jabs were his way of telling the world how he felt.

Currently, the Duke of Sussex is fully focused on the future, which he does not intend to spend with the royal. In early January 2020, Harry and Meghan left the royal while still keeping the Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles. It was their way of saying, “we’re tired of your royal drama.” At least that’s how I see it.

Few days after the Megxit, Markle went back to Canada with their son, but after some time, she briefly returned to the UK to participate in some events. Prince Harry visited his family in Canada and then returned to the UK to prepare for the move and to attend various royal events. That’s when the COVID-19 almost separated Harry and Meghan.

Anyway, going back to the subject: both brothers are acting just like any normal brothers would in their situation. There’s no animosity, no hatred between them, only a lot of passive aggression and unresolved childhood issues, for which you can’t really blame them. I bet if they just got drunk and talked it all out, it would save them millions on family therapy.